Kite’s new range of hivewrap is a strong contender in the market, having already converted many customers away from the traditionally used bubble wrap.

Not only is hivewrap completely plastic free having been produced by 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable paper, but it is also a great space saver, with 1 roll of Kite’s 500mm hivewrap equating to 4 individual rolls of 500mmx100m bubble wrap. Using the same amount of product to wrap an item equates to a 35% cost saving and 20 times less space required, reducing overall costs, plastic consumption, storage and handling space and providing great carbon footprint benefits.

Highly protective making it the ideal solution to use with a range of delicate items such as glass, ceramics, retail, homewares and much more, it clings to itself therefore not requiring tape or glue and can easily be pulled and torn by hand or used with Kite’s range of dispensers. The dispensers are a great solution for adding on tissue paper. Only suitable to be used with the 500 multi dispenser, the tissue paper is a great addition to those wanting to add a more aesthetically pleasing look to their items.

Built for ease of use and with speed and efficiency in mind, Kite’s range of hivewrap dispensers are available in 3 different specifications, they can be used in any location due to them being mobile and manually operated. Not only does this machine help increase volume throughput, but it expands the paper to its optimum working length, meaning less material is used, and the ability to expand to over 400 metres in length.

The three dispensers available are:

400 and 500 single dispenser

These dispensers are suitable to be used with the 400 and 500 hivewrap paper. They each have a single bar and are quick and easy to use. Simply remove the pole, slide the paper on and fit through the roll of hivewrap.

500 multi dispenser

The 500 multi dispenser has 3 bars and is suitable to be used with the 500mm roll of hivewrap and for added aesthetics, up to two rolls of tissue paper. The rolls of tissue paper can then be pulled out and secured around the product along with the hivewrap, having it set up to wrap either internally, externally, or both, around the product.

For more information on their products and services, or if you require any advice either call 02476 420065 or visit


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