2020 and the challenges that the global pandemic brought with it were difficult for many. However, for the AGV industry, it has meant that many different businesses are now looking to introduce transport robotics into their intralogistics processes which subsequently has had a very positive impact on E&K Automation.

2021 has already been a busy year for the automated guided vehicle experts. Along with some new talented appointments joining their experienced team, the UK branch of the German transport robotics specialist has also seen huge growth and are expanding their operations to meet this demand.

The recruitment of industry experts such as Gary Bartram as Sales Director and Martin Sherratt as Layout and Commissioning Manager has helped to support the continued development of the business, equipping them with invaluable assets for their continued 2021 business expansion strategy.

The most significant investment has undoubtedly been the purchase of much larger premises to house their expanding UK operation. The new £1million offices, which make up over 5,400 sq. ft and now serves as the UK Headquarters, has been selected to ensure the focus is on research and development for the business, a key area of investment for E&K. With the current global pandemic, it has never been more important for E&K Automation to continue to be at the forefront of technical innovation and their new offices will help them to continue to push their progress in the industry.

The investment doesn’t stop there. Customer Service Excellence is also of great importance to E&K Automation who prides itself on being able to offer assistance quickly and efficiently. To further guarantee this, E&K has recently taken delivery of a fleet of new Ford Rangers for their Service Technicians.

As we move further into 2021 there is no doubt E&K Automation will continue to progress and invest in the business as their business expands. With some of their latest triumphs, like securing a £3million deal with BMW, the excitement of 2020 and the beginning of 2021 will likely continue way into the future and beyond.

If you’re looking to optimise your intralogistics process with automated guided vehicles get in touch with E&K Automation and see how their industry-leading innovative AGV technology can improve your business processes.

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