With the pandemic still putting the NHS under huge pressure, it is more important than ever to avoid accidents which require medical assistance. Because of this, the Fork Lift Truck Association has emphasised the importance of creating a ‘safety culture’ at businesses beyond just making site changes. Tim Waples, Director of the FLTA, comments: “A company’s safety culture is what happens when the management isn’t there. If the only thing keeping people from breaking the rules and cutting corners is having someone watch them, then safety simply hasn’t made its way into the company culture.”

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STILL electric forklifts offer emission free propulsion and performance on a par with diesel trucks, at lower maintenance costs. Whether using modern lithium-ion technology or conventional lead-acid batteries, the electric trucks provide long operation times, reliability and individually adjustable driving characteristics. The RX 20, RX 50 and RX 60 forklifts are an efficient and clean way to move loads weighing up to eight tons.

Great to see TVH, supplier of parts for forklifts, industrial vehicles and agricultural tractors, working towards carbon neutrality. The company has taken its total number of solar panels in Belgium to 26,605 with the installation of 3,260 strategically placed solar panels in Waregem.

Exciting news as Hyundai Material Handling launches a full range of 9V models, marking the introduction of its new Stage V series. Hyundai’s engineers aimed to deliver a maximum in fuel efficiency, enhanced productivity, extra safety features, improved uptime of the machines and great driver comfort. The new generation forklifts range from the Diesel 9V series’ 2.5 to 3.5 ton of lifting capacity to the 3.5 to 5 ton Diesel 9VB/VC series.

Given the oversized and bulky loads they have to deal with, modular construction companies find increasing space availability, improving safety and speeding up the transportation of products onsite can be a challenge. A new US company found a solution by using a Combi-SC Straddle Carrier from handling specialist Combilift. Idaho-based Autovol Inc. has become the first fully automated volumetric modular factory in the USA and the most advanced of its kind across the globe.

More innovation from Clark, which has launched a tugger train system that addresses the specific requirements of industrial customers. The Clark tugger train allows material transports over longer distances to be organised efficiently, safely and extremely flexibly. It consists of the Clark CTX40-70 towing tractor with a towing capacity of 4 or 7t and the CTR01 and CTR02 trailers.

Getting back to fork lift safety, physical changes to a workplace such as better segregation between pedestrians and forklifts remain important. But it is also essential to get the entire workforce engaged with the company’s fork lift safety plans and wholly onboard with ongoing changes.

George Simpson
Features Editor

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