Warehouse labelling and integrated safety solutions supplier, ASG Services is extending its product range after agreeing a new supply deal with one of the biggest names in the building protection industry. Kingspan, best known for its high-performance insulation and building envelope solutions, contacted ASG Services direct to ask it to become one of just a handful of trusted UK suppliers for its SafeDefence Barrier Protection Systems.

The Kingspan SafeDefence Protection Systems comprise a range of products designed to protect warehouse personnel, building structures and valuable stock from accident damage caused by impacts from material handling equipment. The system is reliant on a high-performance synthetic polymer that flexes on impact to safely absorb kinetic energy.

ASG Services has described the technology as a ‘game changer’ for the warehousing industry and one that will revolutionise safety solutions for the modern warehouse.

Tony Gresty, Managing Director, ASG Services said: “We were flattered when Kingspan approached us and asked us to become one of the few UK distributors for this revolutionary new system. They told us ASG Services’ longstanding commitment to providing the best warehouse safety solutions on the market made the company the ideal partner for the SafeDefence systems.

“It’s a game changing solution and one that will revolutionise the warehouse safety industry, so we are excited to be able to begin supplying the protection systems to our customers. It’s a fitting way to mark the 25th anniversary of ASG Services.”

The new supply deal sees ASG become a registered Kingspan Protection Systems Partner. The badge of honour will be displayed prominently on the ASG website and other material related to the new systems.

The versatile SafeDefence Protection Systems’ range includes posts, rails, barriers, goalposts and gates. The system can be installed in new-build warehouses or retrofitted to older facilities, and the system comes complete with a full warranty from Kingspan.

The products are manufactured from solid high-performance synthetic polymer, or a flexible protection technology known as FLEXsafe. All the products are located and installed independent of the elements to be protected, removing the risk of damage from impact transmission.

“The special polymer technology used to manufacture the product means it will last longer compared with other protection systems, poses fewer problems for installation and ensures concrete surfaces will not be damaged. The longevity of the system offers a good return on investment and will maintain the safety of people and assets for much longer,” added Mr Gresty.

Kingspan SafeDefence Protection Systems have been subjected to robust independent impact testing by the University of Engineering and Architecture in Zaragoza, Spain to determine the force the systems can withstand, together with their respective deflection. The crash test analysed the energy supported by the products and their impact resistance behaviour, and the test results indicate that Kingspan Barrier Protection Systems products offer better impact protection than all others on the market due to their resistance and elasticity.

ASG is promoting early consultation on the system so it can recommend the best solutions. With an on-site inspection it will be able to determine operational need and identify which system offers the best protection to people and products.

It is targeting the warehousing and logistics sector, as well as 3PLs and manufacturers. However, given the design of the new system, it is also suitable for use in the food industry, as well as for freezer and cold store facilities.

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