A year on since the launch of the updated Enable service from PPS and customers are reaping the benefits of a bespoke asset management system for their returnable equipment.

With almost 9 million returnable transit packaging movements recorded since its launch in January 2020, the new Enable system from PPS continues to deliver a range of benefits for its users. A number of customers have noted that Enable has played a key part in creating an efficient, well-managed equipment pool by preventing stock-piling and ensuring equipment is always in the right place, therefore maximising value for money for their investment in the pool.

The ability to easily track and manage equipment in real-time, alongside the facility to de-hire any equipment that may be leaving the premises as it moves through the supply chain has also led to a significant reduction in lost equipment – and the costs associated with los equipment – for a number of users.

Reflecting on the success of Enable since its launch, PPS Group Managing Director Joanne Lee said ‘To see the value that Enable has provided for its users since the improved version was launched is a real validation of the time, effort and cost that we put in to the project to ensure our customers received an industry leading service. The previous version of Enable had served us well but we really wanted to create something that would provide value to our customers on a daily basis, so to have achieved that is incredibly pleasing’.

Enable can be used to track and manage all types of returnable equipment such as trays, pallets, Dolavs, roll cages, and more. The intuitive dashboard allows customers to view current balances, export reports, see cycle times as assets move through the supply chain before returning ready for re-use, and see historical balances to assist with planning for future demand. To find out more about improving your asset management, increasing efficiency, and reducing your business costs, call PPS about Enable at 01283 821 502

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