Whilst the nation is once again adjusting to life under lockdown, one 3PL provider has re-activated all it had in place during previous lockdowns to ensure key industry sectors can play their part in keeping the nation running.

Carlton Forest 3PL, based in Worksop, is renowned for its efficient warehousing solutions and its adaptability during the pandemic so far has seen customers across the UK flock to the provider to ensure all supply chain, warehouse and storage solutions are met.

“As a business, we realise the part we play in this at all times, not just during the current situation, and continue to strive to ensure these supply chains are efficient, cost effective and timely,” said Graham White, Group Commercial Director, Carlton Forest Group. “Our adaptability to provide fit for purpose solutions, acquire new warehouses at short notice and provide solutions that allow for upscaling to meet with demand has given our customers the adaptable solutions that have been so necessary in the last ten months.”

Working with a wide range of industry sectors Carlton Forest supports core business functions by offering over 700,000 sq ft of warehousing across four sites, an efficient Warehouse Management System (WMS) and a knowledgeable and efficient team who are experienced in all matters pertaining to stock management, distribution and allows our customers real-time visibility, traceability and stock control.

“Perhaps most evident is that some supply chains have been exposed as more vulnerable in recent months, whilst others are experiencing ever changing fluctuations in demand. However, the team are here to support in securing the supply chain and efficiencies for medical supplies, chemical and cleaning products, essential R&M products and food and drink.”

It is proud to be able to fulfil all elements of logistics, warehousing and distribution and to be members of United Kingdom Warehousing Association (UKWA) and Road Haulage Association (RHA).

Carlton Forest 3PL continues to adhere to all current Government guidance.


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