On 1st January 2021, Mosca GmbH changed its corporate structures and split up into an overarching group company with several subsidiaries that include the following business units: Machinery & Equipment, Strap & Consumables and Sales & Services. The group company forms the strategic framework and comprises key areas such as human resources, purchasing and training. This enables the Mosca divisions to react more independently and flexibly to customer requirements and changes in the market.

Mosca GmbH is changing over to a new holding company structure at the beginning of the year. “This will enable us to grow closer together in our international teamwork,” says Chief Executive Officer Simone Mosca.

One principal group company with several new subsidiaries: Mosca GmbH based in Waldbrunn, Germany, is changing over to a new corporate structure. The strapping materials division was transformed into an independent company, MOSCA Strap & Consumables GmbH & Co. KG, in April 2020. Now the Machinery & Equipment and Sales & Service divisions have followed suit. “We have merged our technological know-how in development, production and services into independent subsidiaries, which from now on will control and promote their specific areas of expertise worldwide”, explains Mosca Chief Executive Officer Simone Mosca.

Strapping solutions from a single source

International integration and pooling of expertise have enabled the company to ensure the agility needed to respond faster and more flexibly to customer requirements in the future. From process advice at the end of the packaging line and custom-designed production systems, to strapping materials and services, Mosca customers are accustomed to all-round support. This ‘everything from a single source’ principle is further strengthened across national borders by the new corporate structure. However, the new organisation will have little immediate impact on Mosca customers, who were informed about changes in liaison team members and addresses before the changeover.

The Mosca management team consisting of Timo Mosca, Simone Mosca and Alfred Kugler will continue to lead the group company. The six ‘Group Directors’ working in the Mosca subsidiaries report directly to this management team. “The holding company serves as the backbone for our subsidiaries. Working in close cooperation with the Group Directors, we develop strategies and goals that form the framework for all activities within the corporate group,” explains Simone Mosca. “In future, the new structure will make it easier for us to pursue a joint approach, identify trends and develop the best possible solutions for our customers across the globe.”


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