Recently, we sat down with Andrey Kazachkov, Head of Warehouse Automation at First Line Software, to learn more about warehouse automation and why companies choose to implement the viadat Warehouse Management System (WMS) by viastore SOFTWARE.

In Part One of this interview, Andrey told us about what’s happening in warehouse automation and shared the driving factors for companies to implement WMS systems at their warehouse locations– sooner rather than later. He also shared the advantages of choosing an implementation partner with the development resources required to customize the WMS.

In this blog, Andrey shares the highlights of an implementation project First Line completed for a large tower crane manufacturer and examples of what other clients achieved after launching their warehouse automation systems.

Tell us about an implementation project the First Line Software Warehouse Automation team completed.

Kazachkov: First Line Software specialists have completed numerous implementation projects to automate warehouses in Belgium, Germany, Nicaragua, the Czech Republic, and other countries around the world.

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One of the projects included implementing a viadat WMS system and integrating it with other enterprise systems at a Liebherr tower crane plant in Germany.   are manufactured in various locations and stored throughout the plant. Before this implementation project, Liebherr tracked the parts inventory on paper rather than digitally.

Liebherr’s management decided to automate the warehouse area of ??the Liebherr plant to combine disparate storage racks into a shared information environment and automate the loading and unloading of parts. viastore SOFTWARE specialists delivered the viadat WMS system, handheld terminals, and desktop stations. First Line Software specialists customized and configured the WMS system.

During a project duration of six months, the viadat WMS system was deployed at the plant and integrated with the ERP system. The system eliminated the need for paper records and streamlined the unloading and temporary storage process. Part delivery to the assembly shops now takes place from a single location. The automation process manages more than 3,000 plant storage locations. Read our case study to learn more details about this extensive project. 

What have other clients achieved by implementing the viadat WMS System by viastore SOFTWARE? 

Kazachkov: Clients have reported impressive warehouse management improvements, including processing up to 20% more orders, expanding their delivery capacity by 25% or more, reducing request processing time from weeks to hours, and increasing equipment efficiency by up to 25%.  

Automation of an archive for a large bank in Eastern Europe reduced the average document delivery time by a factor of 15. Before creating this single temperature-controlled archive that was 53,000 square meters, bank employees waited up to three weeks for documents compared to only a few hours with the new system. Robots now search for documents in the 40 million folders stored in 2.3 million boxes. The bank reduced its storage area by a factor greater than four by installing vertical shelving for trays that specialized stacker cranes retrieve for robots. Read the case study for more details about this complex project.

Implementation of the WHS for a large auto parts distributor with a complex warehouse layout improved management and workflow optimization, leading to a 20 percent reduction of warehouse operations costs and staffing costs by 30 percent. Read the case study to learn more.

First Line Software is actively involved in projects to implement and customize WMS systems for companies in diverse industries and located in 25 countries across five continents. Read our warehouse automation overview to learn more.

If you missed Part One of this interview, read it here, to get the full story.

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