Warehouse operators are likely to maintain COVID-19 disinfection programmes throughout 2021 despite the government’s mass vaccination programme, according to national soft FM specialist SafeGroup. It believes the enormity of the task in vaccinating the UK’s population and the need to protect workers and supply chains will make maintaining COVID-19 hygiene measures a priority.

SafeGroup Strategic Sales Director Chris Macdonald said: “The safe and efficient operation of transport and storage supply chains, along with online retail fulfilment centres, are more critical than ever before.

“The Government’s sudden tightening of restrictions after Christmas shows the COVID-19 crisis is far from over. Demand for COVID-19 disinfection services is going to grow in 2021, not decrease.

“The new variant of the virus clearly represents a step change in transmission risk. Effective disinfection is one of the necessary steps that can reduce that risk and, equally importantly, reassure staff that decisive action is being taken.”

SafeGroup is one of the UK’s leading COVID-19 cleaning specialists. It delivers services for a range of retailers, including supermarkets and high street brand leaders, including Ann Summers and Radley.

It is also responsible for carrying out COVID-19 cleaning of three-quarters of all London buses operated by Transport for London.

SafeGroup carries our regular COVID-19 electrostatic disinfection spraying at Radley’s warehouse in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire.

Kevin Morris, Head of Retail at Radley, says: “I am happy to say that, to date, we have had no instances where anyone has caught Covid-19 whilst being in one of our stores or working in our distribution centre.”

SafeGroup is also providing a full planned COVID-19 protection service for Ann Summers warehouses and online sales fulfillment centres.

Ann Summers Health and Safety Manager Michelle Sutcliffe said: “We are grateful to SafeGroup for its quick response. It has been a company that does what it says it will do, when it says it will do it.”

SafeGroup makes sure customers and their staff can be confident in the service it provides, says Chris Macdonald. Its teams operate day and night. For some clients, their visible presence is key.

SafeGroup uses electrostatic equipment that creates a super-fine ionized spray that clings effectively to all surfaces, providing much better coverage than conventional fogging.

The antimicrobial treatment it uses has been laboratory tested and proven to provide long-lasting protection against Coronaviruses like COVID-19 and other pathogens.


t: 0800 668 1268

e: info@thesafegroup.co.uk

w: www.thesafegroup.co.uk

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