At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the HSE confirmed that Thorough Examinations (including LOLER) are classed as “essential activity”.

It established the paramount importance of regular inspections and the necessity to arrange Thorough Examinations in line with maintenance schedules, before the expiry date on the truck’s Report. This is in accordance with legal requirements to inspect the whole truck to ensure equipment remains in safe working order.

To support owners and users or workplace equipment, CFTS members remained available throughout the worst of the pandemic and continue to provide Thorough Examinations to key industries in order to keep equipment up and running. Our members play a vital role in the supply chain and we are proud of the dedication and commitment they showed in this turbulent time.

As a testimony to the exceptionally high quality of service provided by CFTS-accredited companies, we reached another major milestone in 2020 as our member network expanded to include over 600 depots across the length and breadth of the UK, from Land’s End to John o’ Groats.

Importantly, it means that wherever you are based in the UK you can be assured that you have a company close to hand that works to nationally regulated standards and is guaranteed to deliver an examination that not only covers LOLER, but also the all-important PUWER legislation (most LOLER inspections do not cover essential aspects of equipment such as brakes and steering).

CFTS members are supported by our Technical Managers Matthew Kennedy (South) and Adrian White (North). In 2020 we also welcomed Kevin Michel as our new Training Manager.

Kevin is a highly respected trainer with an extensive career as a mechanic and engineer. Although training will continue to be primarily available through the F-TEC training centre in Swindon, Kevin will be conducting on-site courses for Thorough Examination engineers, Thorough Examination Revalidation, and Thorough Examination Managers for members mainly located north of Leicester, as well as those in Ireland and Scotland.

At the start of 2020, CFTS formed a partnership with Service Geeni – a division of Key Computers – to provide software that automates Thorough Examination processes, enabling members to cut down on time-consuming admin, keep documents up to date, and improve productivity.

The CFTS partnership with Protean is also going from strength to strength. We have been using Protean software for a number of years, with more and more members signing up to use the CFTS-approved documentation every month.

No matter what happens regarding the pandemic, CFTS will remain on hand to provide consistent, reliable Thorough Examinations wherever and whenever they are needed.


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