With immediate effect, agiplan GmbH is expanding its logistics planning expertise with tailored financial solutions from DLL, a global asset finance company. Through this new partnership, customers will benefit from integrated logistics planning which, next to the optimization of technologies, processes and structures, now also includes comprehensive financing solutions from DLL.

Many businesses are exploring efficiency gains through automation, leveraging robotics and autonomous transport systems. With tailored financial solutions in addition to logistics planning and technological expertise, DLL and agiplan make automation more attainable. Dr. Christian Jacobi, CEO agiplan GmbH adds: “Our logistics consultancy relies on solid, professional solutions with significant value for our customers. Together with DLL, we now can offer companies a total package, including consultancy and financing, securing a solid foundation for long term optimization of logistics processes and supply chains.”

Perfect combination of logistics concepts and financing solution

In addition to agiplan’s technical consultancy offering, DLL’s customized financing structures establish flexibility since monthly costs can be adjusted to the generated savings or matched with the company’s cash flow. This gives businesses the opportunity to be in control of their cash flow and allows them to further invest in their business to secure future growth. Agiplan’s consultancy services and DLL’s financial solutions are available for a broad range of companies and can fulfil the needs of medium sized enterprises, as well as global industrial companies or complete logistics centers.

“There is no standard, one-size-fits-all solution for all customers in every segment. We know it is a big step to automate a warehouse or a production line and to find the most effective balance and cooperation between humans and robots,” says Marco Wagner, Vice President Fleet Solutions Europe & AsiaPac at DLL. “Leveraging our broad range of financial solutions helps us to create customized payment plans adapted to the revenues or savings of our customers.’ Agiplan supports projects until all equipment is fully operational, and with DLL’s flexible solutions, customers only pay when they are using the equipment. As there is no need for upfront investments, customers can benefit immediately from improved efficiency and cost savings, without putting an additional burden on their cash flow.


Hilde Kelhout


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