Pets Corner – the second largest specialist pet retailer in the UK – has chosen a fast, robust wireless solution from Redway Networks for its newly constructed warehouse. The new WiFi will provide seamless connectivity and communications for Pets Corner’s warehousing operations and distribution service to its stores.

Pets Corner’s warehouse is a busy and complex environment that relies on several devices and software to control operations, so high-performing WiFi is crucial for ensuring the efficient flow of pet products. The new solution had to meet Pets Corner’s high demands such as fast, consistent signal throughout the warehouse to support automation.

Richard Smith, IT Infrastructure manager at YourDMS and project manager for Pets Corner says: “It was vital that the new WiFi was capable of supporting efficiency and accuracy in the warehouse and the distribution of its products.  As this new build warehouse was ‘greenfield’ with no existing infrastructure, the wireless project was deemed high risk so it was important we selected a WiFi specialist who had experience in the warehousing sector and could provide the technology and products to support Pets Corner’s growing supply chain”.

Redway delivers flexibility around a complex project

The wireless project was complex as it had to be designed ‘off plan’ and Pets Corner wanted to avoid typical warehouse WiFi issues such as dropouts and patchy coverage.  Richard says: “Redway Networks were very flexible and worked easily around our construction issue.  They were also able to anticipate from the offset how the installation of the warehouse racks and electronics would impact the performance of the new WiFi once it was operational with the experience and insight to get the foundations right from the start.”

New wireless supports Pets Corner’s fast-paced operations

Redway Networks provided Pets Corner with a three-step delivery approach which included a predictive survey, installation, and post construction survey to ensure optimum wireless coverage and performance. Pets Corner selected a Cambium cloud managed WiFi solution with 27 cnPilot indoor and external access points for automation and transparency across the warehouse, office and outside.  Access Points (APs) were installed at each end of the warehouse isles with 30-degree directional antenna to ensure the signal is strongest where it is needed and that the aisles never experience dark spots.

External APs were installed outside the warehouse to connect the lorry bays and move stock straight to the warehouse shelves using Pets Corner’s new fleet of auto positioning forklift trucks which are fully integrated with an upgraded, highly efficient stock control system.  Omni-directional APs were fitted in the office to support mobile devices and access to warehousing software.

Richard says: “Redway Networks delivered on every front and Pets Corner now has a modern, robust wireless network that will support all its warehousing and logistical operations both now and in the future.”

Read the full Pets Corner Case Study Here.

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