The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has forced many organisations to make drastic, and sometimes subtle, changes to the way they operate in order to ensure safety for both employees and clients. Among the best examples of this is Instantprint, whose warehouse has demonstrated what can be achieved through regular reviewing and methodical changes. There have been zero confirmed cases of the disease amongst the company’s workforce, and so the approach can be said to be working.

As well as ensuring that their own workplace is safe, they are also contributing to a broader battle against the virus by manufacturing personal protective equipment and other products essential to frontline services like the healthcare system.


As we all now understand, cleaning is critical in limited the spread of the virus. Every individual virus transports itself in a bubble of fat called a viral envelope. This is what allows it to get from someone else’s mouth, float through the air in a droplet, be inhaled by another person, and then reproduce inside the lungs.

Soaps and alcohol-based hand sanitizers break down this layer of fat, and thereby kill the virus inside. Though the virus can’t survive on surfaces for long, cleaning surfaces can also help to limit the spread – especially if those surfaces are regularly used, like door-hands and taps.

Screening Staff

At the start of every shift, workers are scanned with a temperature gun. Those displaying symptoms are then sent home. This removes the possibility of error on the part of the worker and limits the chance for contagious people to mix with the rest of the workforce.


As of the thirteenth of May, 100% of the office team at instantprint are working remotely. This has been a gradual shift, but one that obviously limits the need for ‘non-essential’ workers to leave their own homes.

Two metres distance

Everyone understands the need to maintain a distance of around two metres from other people. But not all of us have an intuitive grasp of how far two metres is. By placing tape around areas where people will be congregating, employers can remove the ambiguity, and ensure that he rule is adhered to.


As well as implementing safety measures on their own premises, the company are able to assist other people. Among the products being produced are tape, which can be used to enforce social distancing policies, and other posters which can communicate messages.

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