Good relations between government-backed offsite manufacturer ilke Homes and our parent company, Big Box Intralogistics (full warehouse internals from racking to robots) gave us the opportunity to quote for ilke Homes’ planned new facility in Knaresborough.

We offer temporary buildings to a very similar design to the bigger names (2nd picture below shows a recent 17,280m3 example delivered in 8 weeks for a national 3PL at a winning price; please try us for a quote to compare!) but we also offer more permanent, all-steel buildings because a tent is not always the best solution.

We quoted ilke Homes for both building types, but they chose the long term all-steel solution for several reasons including the feel of greater permanence, our no water ingress and condensation guarantee, low running costs thanks to true insulation & sealing and many options like groundworks/flooring, fitting out (racking, lights etc) to excellent fire resilience and even solar panels.

These buildings are still surface-mounted so can be relocated if required and although they should have a foundation, we can design and fit to most existing good concrete surfaces, thereby offering the equivalent functionality of a traditional steel building at a much lower price and a fraction of the time; this one delivered in 8 weeks, wow!

Offering these permanent buildings as well as the ‘temporary’ (with aluminium frame for quickness & simplicity or steel for strength, also allowing enormously wider and taller buildings, still with PVC roof to be lightweight) from a versatile design team & factory, with a wide range of accessories, lets us give an honest holistic assessment of what would really work best for a given situation.

Bespoke sizes, projects & turnkeys offered – or just the building shell.

Big Box Buildings … the new expert in town.

Big Box Buildings

t: 01430 449986



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