The Background: Having just extensively increased handling capacity by investing in a state-of-the-art automated carpet cutting, wrapping and sorting machine our client, Alliance Carpets in Hemel Hempstead, was in urgent need of additional storage space to feed this extra volume.

Where better to create this additional storage than utilising the otherwise dead space above the newly installed carpet machine.

Having extensive first hand expertise of both Mezzanine Floors & Pallet Racking systems Space Productiv Limited were the ideal partner.

“Space Productiv accommodated our needs throughout the project, even phasing deliveries to minimise disruption and allow our operations to continue seamlessly,” said Steve Lunn – Site Services Manager. The Solution: Space Productiv Limited designed a 62m Long ‘Mezzanine’ platform sitting 4.9m tall above the carpet machine and then installed 5m tall Carpet Racking along its whole length – providing 20 bays each with 6 levels. The mezzanine uprights were designed to mirror those on the carpet machine to maintain clear access. Specially designed timber decking was then positioned within the beams to prevent unwanted movement.

The whole programme of works was completed on nights to ensure minimal disruption to the client – with phased deliveries and partial handovers to enable the night shift to continue picking hundreds of carpets every night ready for dispatch the following day.

The new storage solution has significantly reduced fork truck journeys and general handling, while accommodating 500/600 rolls per day – approximately 50% of the overall daily despatch volumes.

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