WiFi specialists Performance Networks have started a national campaign working with logistics companies to help identify and tackle poor WiFi issues which may be hindering productivity.

Following on from exhibiting at a successful IMHX, Performance Networks executives described speaking to a number of visitors at the show who expressed concerns about the quality of their WiFi network and felt that poor performance issues have had a detrimental impact on the productivity of their business.

The most common symptoms of poor WiFi can include dead spots along with dropouts from handhelds and devices, both of which can be critical issues, resulting in a severe drop in productivity, and in worse cases, ceasing the output of a business completely.

Having recently completed an in-depth WiFi survey and carrying out new network installations for hazardous goods transporter, The Hazchem Network, and renowned manufacturer John Smedley, Performance Networks have been approached to work with more companies in the logistics and warehousing sector and are looking to share their expertise and experience in delivering unrivalled networking solutions, backed by their performance guarantee.

As a result of their findings, Performance Networks have announced a WiFi health check campaign for the logistics sector to bolster productivity ahead of peak season.

David Ballard, Technical Director at Performance Networks, said – “A WiFi health check is a wise decision for any business, but vital for the logistics sector due to the high dependency of a stable and consistently reliable connection. When Hazchem approached us during their move to their new 200,000 square feet hub over the Christmas period of 2018, they needed a new WiFi solution installing to support their busy operation – and fast. Like many businesses, a reliable, robust system was absolutely critical, due to the online barcoded freight scanning system. Hazchem could not experience any downtime which would potentially result in a dip in productivity and problems with deliveries and collections over this busy period. We started with a WiFi health check and advised from there in terms of how soon we could implement a solution.

From talking to visitors at IMHX, we discovered that many logistics companies are encountering similar problems and are opting for short-term solutions to paper over the cracks, but this can prove detrimental and a gamble in terms of reliability. A WiFi health check will take into account many important factors, including, size of premises, the required coverage, the number and type of devices accessing the network (capacity), current infrastructure, interference, and the construction of the building. If just one of these factors is overlooked, it could result in poor connectivity and roaming, meaning serious productivity issues”.

Common reasons for reviewing WiFi network performance may include general poor connectivity, moving to new premises or increasing the size of a warehousing or logistics operation. Performance Networks can advise in all of these areas and provide an end-to-end solution from initial health check right through to bespoke report fault-finding and complete installation and testing.

For businesses looking to improve their WiFi connectivity, David raises three considerations when looking at a redesign:

“Design for coverage without interference, design for redundancy without increasing interference to ensure that if one AP (Access Point) fails, then other nearby APs can fill the coverage gap, and design for a moving/fluid environment (particularly key in logistics) for inventory type & levels. For example, metal car parts will affect the WiFi signal in a much different way to pallets full of books, or clothing”.

Performance Networks were recently awarded the Outstanding Growth accolade for Nottinghamshire at the Chamber of Commerce Business Awards and have experienced successful growth, particularly in the logistics sector, having worked with the likes of The Hut Group (THG), Bearmach and DHL.

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