Visitors to SICK UK’s stand No A2 at IMHX will glimpse the future of smart warehousing and intralogistics, as well as learning how practical and innovative solutions using intelligent SICK sensors and systems can empower their processes today.

SICK sensors, Auto-Identification systems, mobile automation solutions and machinery safety protection are everywhere in warehousing and logistics environments all over the world. Every second they deliver a wealth of data to improve the efficiency of material flows.

Warehouse of the Future

In today’s fast-moving and interconnected environments, intelligent sensors and systems from SICK collect and process the information needed for autonomous and controlled processes as part of networked systems. So, they empower materials handling, warehousing and intralogistics operators to become more flexible, productive and profitable.

SICK sensing technologies detect the presence of products, check the quality and integrity of packaging and parcels, measure distances and volumes and enable accurate positioning of transportation systems such as high-bay stackers.

Latest innovations from SICK include the smallest industrial UHF RFID read/write device of its kind, the SICK RFU610, creating new opportunities to integrate RFID into conveying, materials handling and mobile vehicles.

Track and Trace

Every smooth-running logistics operation begins with reliable identification of goods, whether using simple 1D and 2D barcode readers right through to complex RFID systems. SICK’s portfolio offers a broad range of technology options for reading bar codes in low-speed and high-speed applications.

The SICK OPS (omni portal system) is a track and trace system with a modular design concept that can be customised to meet omnidirectional reading requirements. The system features high-performance laser scanners and a real-time auto-focus function with a high depth of field and narrow modular widths.

A track and trace system using the SICK ICR89x image-based code reader is ideal for high-end linear and 2D code reading and its outstanding image quality also makes it suitable for OCR and video coding applications. It features a modular camera design, LED illumination, focus control functionality, and a high-performance decoder.

The SICK Lector65x matrix camera offers the flexibility to identify and decode all common types of codes. With up to a 4 megapixel resolution CMOS sensor, it can read all object sizes from large to small. With its unique dynamic focus and dynamic brightness adjustment, the system’s high-quality images can even be used for other vision-related tasks. Its integrated tracking function enables object gaps to be reduced, so the throughput of conveyor or sorting systems can be increased. Using SICK MSC800 networking concept, the Lector65x System can easily be combined with other SICK technologies, such as SICK ICR8xx line-scanning cameras, volume measurement systems, laser-based code readers, or weigh scales.

The SICK Master Data Analyzer is an all-in-one, simple-to-use solution that integrates Dimensioning, Weighing and Scanning (DWS) for automated track and trace of goods. It enables easy real-time management of workflow by combining barcode reading, full dimensioning, visual profiling and accurate weighing in a single unit.

Visit SICK UK at IMHX 2019 on stand A2.



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