When you’re trying to keep a logistics operation running efficiently and successfully, the last thing you really want to be doing is worrying about traction batteries.

But these batteries are what keep the nation’s forklift trucks running, so their importance can’t be underestimated. The most common solution is a Lead-Acid battery – an established, reliable and cost-effective way of operating a fleet of forklifts with set charging-times and generous lifespan. Espex Batteries has been supplying, fitting and servicing these systems for many years and have a number of clients who are entirely reliant on us to keep their businesses growing.

A more expensive option is to use Lithium-Ion batteries, which offer the option to top-up charge during a use cycle, adding flexibility to any logistics operation but requiring a complete change of charging infrastructure, adding yet more cost.

CEIL batteries however, with exclusive UK distribution via Espex Batteries, have created a third way. ORC batteries – stand for Opportunity Rapid Charge – offer many of the established benefits of Lithium-Ion batteries but without the need for drastically updating charging infrastructure, because they are based on the Lead-Acid standard setup.

The benefits of this solution are:

Replaces regular lead-acid traction batteries in same tray size, without adding any ballast.

Existing battery charger can be used, or a higher rated one up to 0.3C Amps (30A per 100AH) for rapid opportunity charging (15—60 minutes).

Not necessary to buy very expensive new battery chargers and battery monitoring systems (BMS).

No need to upgrade electrical wiring, unless very high current chargers are opted for.

Safe as regular lead-acid batteries, which the lift-truck operators are used to.

Extended operating time up to 10 hours – covering up to two work-shifts – using a single battery with intermittent opportunity rapid charges.

Design life 1500 cycles as per EN IEC 60254-1 standard.

All this means that any manager looking for a more flexible – yet still cost-effective – solution to their electric forklift fleet, no matter how large or small, will now be able to retain their existing infrastructure and yet enjoy the benefits of opportunity rapid charging, all while using a trusted and long-established partner in the form of Espex Batteries.

“We’re optimistic about the future of electric forklift infrastructure,” comments Espex Batteries’ Chief Executive Amit Ghosal “and are keen to have existing customers try out this new ORC option. But we’re also hopeful that this revolutionary new solution will draw in new customers and help us to show just how cutting-edge the Espex operation has become thanks to recent investments – including the establishment of our purpose-fitted South Wales HQ in Barry, which has just enjoyed its first anniversary, and an increased focus on our export business in Europe.”

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