Technology has affected the way most businesses are run, and it usually makes them more productive and efficient. Warehouses are a perfect example; the technology available to help in your warehouse could save you a lot of money in running costs and make your warehouse a safer place to be. Automation can make a big difference to the running of your warehouse and often means that a smaller space is needed, which could be an added bonus where cost savings are concerned. Here are just a few ways in which technology can help your business become a success.

Robotic Solutions

Robotic solutions in warehouses have received some media attention because of the likes of Amazon making a warehouse fully automatic using robotic technology. They are not the sort of humanoid robots you see in science fiction films, but they are more like small carts with intelligence. They can pick a product by reading its barcode and then place it in one of more than 300 holes representing different postcodes. Although this is one of the most advanced systems, there are many similar ones that can pick products from your warehouse shelves. This results in fewer errors than when humans do the same mundane work, and it frees up your staff to deal with more complex tasks.

Make Your Fleet Smart

Many warehouse owners also have a fleet of vehicles to deliver and collect products. Technology can help to make your fleet more efficient and less costly to run. At FleetGO, they have solutions that will allow you to download tachograph files and track each vehicle, and they can assist with reducing fuel costs. You can also have remote insights into any problem with your fleet as well as real-time information on tyre pressures. Knowing the whereabouts and condition of your fleet at all times can be a huge advantage for logistics.

Stock Control

It is always bad practice for a business to run out of some items that customers are waiting for. Technology can help to avoid this happening, and also make sure that you do not overstock any products. It will track what is being sold so you will have the information regarding what needs to be replaced. It can place orders automatically and track the delivery times from your suppliers.

This allows you to always have the stock you need of your best-selling items, and not to have too many of the slower selling ones. When you no longer have to rely on manual stock control, you will soon realise how much more efficient in both time and money savings automated stock control is.

A Competitive Edge

Technology is evolving all the time, especially in the warehousing and logistics sectors. Companies that fail to implement new innovations will soon find they start to lag behind their competitors. It is the warehouses that make the most of technology that will have the competitive edge. They will be more efficient and able to offer a better customer service. This will translate into higher profits which, at the end of the day, is what business is all about.

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