As you are probably aware, the UK is set to leave the European Union on October 31st, 2019. Many companies are frantically buying and stockpiling goods, to mitigate any potential risks that may arise post Brexit. Some companies are even investing in additional warehouse facilities within the UK, to accommodate such large volumes of additional stock. You now believe that you are ready to tackle Brexit! Perhaps not, without Dock Solutions, the UK’s leading manufacturer and supplier of loading bay equipment.

Imagine the following scenario: You have invested millions in additional stock, and even secured a new warehouse to store the additional volumes, all in an attempt to reduce the potential risks of Brexit; and then your loading bay equipment fails. This is the time to call the UK’s leading manufacturer of loading bay equipment, Dock Solutions. Unlike other loading bay companies with production facilities in Europe, Dock Solutions are proud of its British manufacturing heritage. Whilst other companies are transporting replacement parts and new equipment across overseas, at your cost and time, Dock Solutions will manufacture your new equipment right here, in the UK!

The 4 main reasons why Dock Solutions should be the only loading bay company you consider post-Brexit:


The price of your loading bay equipment will be affected by 2 factors post Brexit:
1. currency exchange
2. fluctuations and potential import tariff

The euro against the GBP currently stands at £1: €1.09, a crash from £1: €1.12 just 12 months ago. This means that your current loading bay equipment, manufactured in Europe is already 2.75% more expensive. Post Brexit, no one can be sure how this will affect the GBP, meaning the British pound could weaken even more. At Dock Solutions, we only deal with British pounds, therefore our currency exchange will never change, £1 will always be £1.

In the event of potential tariffs being applied, any imported goods entering the country will suddenly become more expensive. Here at Dock Solutions, your equipment will not be imported from Europe and with our supply chain being UK based, means you will not be expected to pay any additional or unexpected charges.

You are guaranteed a stable price, at a competitive rate, with zero chance of import tariffs being applied!


When you purchase products from Dock Solutions, not only will you be supporting our British business, but many other British businesses along the way. British manufacturing has declined rapidly since the 1970s, causing the slow death of British Industry. Supporting British manufacturing will create more jobs and career opportunities within the UK. The steel which is used in the production of our dock levellers are only ever purchased from British steel companies. We pursue to source a maximum number of parts from within the UK, meaning the support you show to buying British, echoes throughout many of our British suppliers.

Buying from Dock Solutions supports British Manufacturing and our British Supply Chain!


The use of cargo ships to transport goods around the world requires approximately 300 million tonnes of harmful fuels each year. All responsible companies and management are aware of carbon footprint and climate issues. It goes without saying that if equipment travels less, the impact on the environment is minimised and contributes to a sustainable future and a healthier environment. Buying from British suppliers closer to home makes lots of sense in many ways. Reducing the number of miles your new equipment travels will contribute towards a greener and cleaner future. Our dock levellers don’t travel very far, meaning they are not unnecessarily contributing to global warming!

UK Manufactured Loading Bay Equipment for UK Companies = Less Carbon Footprint!


Dock Solutions can offer bespoke and standard loading bay equipment in a very competitive lead time. It is common for European manufacturers to expect clients to wait 12 weeks for standard equipment. Dock Solutions manufacturing aims to produce and despatch dock levellers and loading bay equipment significantly quicker than European manufacturing suppliers! Not only do we offer a fast turnaround on new items, but we also hold thousands of stock items including dock bumpers, traffic lights, loading bay lights and much more, ready to go!

New equipment supplied 50% quicker than the European standard, with most parts available next day!

Next time you are looking for a loading bay supplier, you need to ask yourself the following questions:

1) Will my new loading bay supplier be able to offer a stable, but competitive price?

2) Will they support British manufacturing and British workforce?

3) How far is the equipment traveling from a European supplier?

4) Do they offer new and bespoke equipment at a quick turn-around?

5) Will their business be affected by Brexit?

6) Are they an established and reputable company, with over 15 years trading?

Dock Solutions, Based in Great Britain, Supporting Great Britain and Great British Manufacturing!

You’re in great company with Dock Solutions…

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