In today’s demanding warehouse environment, efficient, ergonomic, and cost-effective picking has never been more important. As such, TCM is delighted to announce the launch of its new low-level order picker range.

With order picking one of the most expensive parts of the material handling process, the pressure is on for warehouse and logistics managers to maximise efficiencies in this area.

Picking is typically time and labour intensive. During a normal working shift, an order picker in the food distribution industry can handle as much as 10-15 tonnes. Over time, the repetitive action of moving and lifting items of this weight can have a major impact on both the condition of the vehicles involved and their operators’ physical health.

How is TCM’s new low-level order picker range helping warehouse and logistics managers to overcome these challenges and reduce the overall cost of their operations while delivering a safer, more comfortable operating experience?

TCM low-level order pickers: Key features and benefits

TCM’s new low-level order pickers boast a whole host of operational benefits, including:

Side steering enabling instant launch

Thanks to the throttle switch design and positioning, the trucks take just two steps to drive — with simultaneous step in and acceleration. This quick technology response represents a significant leap in productivity, enabling your business to save time and money.

XControl electric steering wheel

Featuring a 200-degree steering angle — 100-degree steering in each direction — TCM’s low-level order pickers are ideal for use in tight warehouse spaces.

The steering wheel on TCM’s LLOPs is also height-adjustable and shock and vibration absorbing, ensuring a more comfortable operator experience.

QControl feature

What’s more, the wheel’s QControl feature enables the truck to reverse away from obstacles if the driver makes a full turn while stationary.

Ergonomic reverse technology

With market-leading reverse technology, the operator can turn completely sideways and even drive long distances backwards with ease, preventing drivers from twisting their shoulders and wrists.

Thanks to the ergonomically-designed steering wheel, damping and driving algorithms, TCM’s pickers feel steadier to drive in both directions and smoother to steer in reverse.

S3 cornering control

The new LLOP range is sophisticated enough to adapt to the operator’s driving, with steering wheel sensitivity well-tuned to react instantly for smooth, safe, and fluent cornering.

The trigger design accelerator control perfectly complements the innovative new steering wheel.

Active Spin Reduction (ASR)

The new truck range’s ASR system is able to cope with slippery floors due to water or oil — or if you have a particularly heavy load that requires more traction. This prevents the drive wheel unnecessarily spinning, which can cause premature wear and tear.

Additional features on the new low-level order pickers include:

  • The best energy efficiency on the market
  • Extra boost effect by pressing both the accelerator triggers simultaneously
  • Angled very wide 3D step in
  • Low 123mm step in height
  • Low backrest for easy ‘walk through’ without hitting the operator’s elbows
  • Narrow backrest and compact lift system for quick access to forks and load
  • Triple suspension floating floor structure to absorb shocks and vibrations
  • 3D angled access operator platform

For more information on TCM’s new LLOP features, get in touch with your local dealer today.

World-class ergonomics for multi-shift operations

TCM’s new low-level order picker range has been ergonomically designed for maximum operator comfort, while maintaining best-in-market efficiency.

The trucks feature a backrest that’s thin at hip level, with a side shape optimised for easy entry and exit. In addition, the foldable seat has an adjustable height, while the soft, high-friction material provides comfortable support in combination with the backrest. Even when folded down, the seat provides comfort to the operator’s legs while driving.

The new LLOP range also features reinforced fork tips designed for easy entry, and a world-class lifting height of 220mm that’s ideal for ramp use and loading docks. TCM’s new picker trucks are reliable with safe load handling, while the design ensures easy access to main service points for maximum uptime.

The technology behind TCM’s new LLOPs

Technological advancements go hand in hand with ergonomics, usability, and materials, and this couldn’t be clearer in TCM’s new low-level order picker range.

Having observed how pickers are used in real warehouse environments, TCM has worked hard to develop multiple algorithms that make driving easier, steadier, more comfortable, and safer. As a result, TCM’s new low-level order pickers are a pleasure to drive, with fast steering and acceleration response tailored to drivers’ needs.

TCM’s newly-developed LO20/25 and LO12 low-level order pickers (with lifting platforms) are available to order now and come in Junior (465 Ah) and Senior (620 Ah) battery versions. And with a variety of battery change options, you’re sure to find the right solution for your business.


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