NITTEL Vessel Liners are the ideal solution for all large containers, providing protection for vessels up to the size of 1,500 litres. The liner provides a clean interior to the vessel surface every time, ideal for keeping your product contaminant free.

The liners can be adapted to include a 2” or 3” bottom outlet, connecting to most valves for a leak-proof, liquid tight fit.

We manufacture the liner to the exact internal dimensions of your container, producing a perfect fit which does not impede the filling, mixing or discharge process. This also provides an airtight fit, reducing the formation of creases, in turn greatly reducing the risk of tears and splits. Come and visit our stand at J15, where we will be exhibiting our latest product range.

This is a great chance for you to come down and meet the liner specialists, where we can try our best to accommodate your requirements.


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