For warehousing and distribution operations that still rely on manual processes, there has never been a better time to introduce automation. With the future on our doorstep, it’s important to be prepared for further digitalization and changing customer expectations.

Shane Faulkner

There is a world of automation opportunities to explore, and Swisslog professionals like Shane Faulkner, Head of Sales in the UK, help businesses opt for the best solution for their needs.

“Many people still have the mindset of automation only working for a specific product or industry,” he says. “In actual fact, over 2,000 global brands have transformed their logistics automation with Swisslog solutions.”

The Swisslog technology portfolio consists of a wide range of systems to help businesses with different warehouse challenges. ACPaQ, for example, automates mixed case palletizing. Reliable and high performing, it can palletize up to 1,000 units per hour per robot. “ACPaQ is the ideal solution for retailers looking to build safe and accurate pallets while reducing instore costs,” says Shane.

Businesses looking for a more modular and space-saving approach to automation can look no further than AutoStore. Swisslog has sold and implemented over 130 AutoStore projects and is the world’s number one integrator for the solution. Shane adds: “Our ItemPiQ solution can also be integrated with AutoStore for a seamless way of storing and picking small items.”

CarryPick is a modular order picking system that utilises AGVs to carry racks to picking stations. As a configurable option, the racks can be customized for specific products and the solution can be expanded as the business does. “This is a great product to manage those peak times,” says Shane. “Ergonomic pick stations and smart software algorithms bring products to workers quickly and safely.”

In addition to these physical systems, Swisslog also offers the SynQ software to integrate the solutions and manage the warehouse. The software acts as a warehouse management system, connecting the warehouse and allowing the collection of useful data. With specific modules available for different challenges and solutions, SynQ is ideal for any operation. “SynQ is an exciting piece of software,” says Shane. “It means our robotic solutions are driven by data collected within the warehouse, and it essentially creates a digital shadow of the facility.”

This means it is a simpler task to detect when there is going to be an issue, and customers can make steps to rectify it before it affects the operation. Shane concludes: “Digitalization is the future, and Swisslog’s modular solutions and future-proof SynQ software cover every aspect of logistics and supply chain automation.”

To discover more about Swisslog and what they have achieved for other businesses, visit Swisslog designs, develops and delivers best-in-class automation solutions for forward-thinking healthcare systems, warehouses and distribution centers.


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