TEP Technica is a niche market specialist, supplying Vulkollan© and polyurethane wheels and castors for a vast and diverse range of machinery, some of which are listed below:

• Warehouse Forklift Trucks

• Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

• Lifts, Escalators & Moving Walks

• Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems (ASRS)

• Baggage Handling Systems

• Conveyor Systems

• Sorting and Picking Systems

• Rail Guided Vehicles (RGVs)

• Aerial Lift & Access Platforms

With such a wide product portfolio used in such a vast array of different end products, TEP Technica supports a surprising number of enterprise level businesses across most market sectors with high quality, heavy-duty wheels for their major product installations. When we are not helping existing customers develop wheels for new projects we are often asked by new customers to replace their existing underperforming wheels with superior replacements.

We create solutions to other people’s problems.

One recent case was a request for help from global German supplier of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs): E&K Automation whose customer Arla Foods, owns the World’s largest fresh milk dairy. The 24-hectare site produces up to 1 billion litres of milk every year, thanks to E&K’s 90 specially developed laser guided AGVs, however the original bespoke wheels were struggling to cope with the unusual nature of the application. The floor was not only wet, but the liquid itself had a very high fat content, so it was especially greasy and slippery. The customer reported problems with traction on the steer wheels which were not just affecting basic drive function but causing problems with their internal sensors.

For example, the sensors would inform the AGVs computer that it was travelling in a straight line when in fact it was sliding sideways on the greasy floor. Due to this and the high level of automation, this led to more breakages/spillages which in turn made the floor even worse. After we completed our analysis of the existing wheels, we worked closely with E&K’s subsidiary in the UK to modify and test alternative wheels with a specially formulated tread compound. On completion of numerous successful trials, we retrofitted their entire AGV fleet, problem solved!

A truly World-Class eCommerce platform! The team at TEP Technica realised it was time to replace our legacy eCommerce platform with a brand new B2B/B2C website. As an established industry leader in the supply of industrial wheels and castors we decided to create a world-class online ordering platform that would make the procurement process easier, faster and simpler for our customers. With complex price lists and over 3,000 products in stock at any one time, each one with almost 20 searchable attributes, it required considerable planning and innovation to deliver a website with the functionality we required. So, we decided to partner with iWEB, a highly experienced Magento web agency who with their considerable in-house knowledge could develop the sophisticated and flexible B2B/B2C platform we needed.

The new website supports our trade customers in the Material Handling Industry by helping them to correctly identify the precise wheel or castor they need for their specific piece of machinery. The website also supports our large range of wheels and castors across all our other industrial applications, and the new website is fully responsive, which means the site automatically adjusts its size depending on the device being used, be it a desktop PC, mobile or tablet. The new platform involved several integrations with third parties and some of the key functionality includes:

• Three powerful search tools

• Over 20 searchable filters

• Can compare up to 6 similar products

• Full account management, reports, invoices and order history

• Permission based search and transaction views

• Custom checkout experience with Adyen©

• IP lookup and auto multicurrency

• Tailored B2B/B2C checkout including storing of bank details

• VAT authentication and multiple delivery options

Within weeks of the launch this summer, online sales have far exceeded our expectations and the positive customer feedback has fully justified the large investment TEP Technica has made in producing our truly World-Class eCommerce platform.

Since the success of the recent launch the team at Technica are now embarking on adding even more functionality to the website. Soon our customers will be able to analyse online their spend with us in a way where they can better understand their wheel replacement costs and identify new areas where they could save more money.


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