CFTS Chairman Geoff Martin looks back on the scheme’s achievements in 2017 and reveals its plans for the years ahead.

Geoff Martin
Chairman, CFTS

When the British Industrial Association (BITA) and the Fork Lift Truck Association (FLTA) established CFTS more than a decade ago, their primary objective was to ensure the industry benefited from the highest Thorough Examination standard available.

Developed by the industry and for the industry, it’s hardly surprising that CFTS has established itself as the authority on fork lift truck Thorough Examinations in the UK… and beyond.

Currently, we have nearly 400 active companies accredited to the scheme. While our prime focus is in the UK, our allembracing inspections, which ensure compliance with both LOLER 98 and PUWER 98, have attracted attention from across Europe.

This is because we recognise that a Thorough Examination is about much more than the inspection itself.

We take pride in offering a truly comprehensive examination and that’s why we demand our accredited companies work to an agreed, quality-controlled, continuously assessed process. Regular testing of examiners, backed by strict checks to ensure their independence, ensures CFTS Thorough Examinations are carried out to the highest standard… giving truck users absolute confidence.

For more than a decade we’ve strived to enhance our Thorough Examination criteria to ensure truck users can operate safely, productively and legally. And it’s great to see this being recognised and adopted further afield.

Because it is born from UK safety legislation, which is among the world’s most stringent, having this standard adopted overseas assists in raising safety levels across the board.

2018 and beyond

Looking ahead, CFTS will continue to look at ways to strengthen the Thorough Examinations process, in a bid to provide greater clarity on legal and regulatory compliance – enabling those choosing CFTS Examinations to feel even more confident about their choice.

We also look forward to working even more closely with the Health and Safety Executive as it reviews the issues relating to the Thorough Examination of fork lift trucks. As ever, this is a relationship we hope will long continue as, together, we can help British businesses work more safely – saving life and limb.

CFTS established a national standard for Thorough Examinations in the UK fork lift truck industry.


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