Volvo Trucks first entered the Great Britain and Ireland markets in 1967 and today, with 50 years of unrivalled service and commitment to its customers, Volvo is a company dedicated to safety, quality and the environment. Widely considered as one of the most prestigious truck manufacturers in the world, Volvo Trucks offers five separate model ranges for the UK marketplace, which deliver comprehensive transport solutions in the weight categories from ten to 200 tonnes.

The award-winning FH range is Volvo’s heavy weight truck that comes in a wide variety of chassis specifications from a premium fleet tractor unit right up to the range topping FH16-750hp; which has held the accolade of ‘Europe’s most powerful production truck’ for the last five years. The FMX and FM ranges will go anywhere and do anything respectively and the pair represent Volvo’s most versatile trucks, whilst the FE and FL ranges tick every box for the ever-demanding regional and city distribution cycles.

Monitoring and maintaining a truck’s profitability is crucial to successful operation and Volvo’s Dynafleet telematics gateway provides a real time, precision fleet management system. At any given time, Dynafleet users can see the exact location and status of their trucks and drivers. The information also shows precisely what areas can be improved in order to reach better profitability. The four Dynafleet services make this happen for Volvo operators.

Maximising every truck’s uptime is an essential factor in 21st century logistics and Volvo’s UK dealer network offers out of hours’ inspections, servicing and repairs to minimise disruption to customers’ business requirements. Genuine Volvo Service, performed by skilled mechanics at an authorised Volvo Truck workshop, is the best way to keep trucks at peak performance.

Volvo’s selection of service contracts guarantees the best possible uptime and with preventive maintenance and truck repairs included, there is full cost control. The result is carefree ownership and time for truck buyers to focus on getting the most out of their businesses. A flat tyre or a broken windscreen can happen to any vehicle at any time, but if it happens to a Volvo Truck, its driver is not alone. When something interrupts transport, Volvo Action Service is waiting for a call.

Every truck operator knows that lowering fuel consumption figures is easy, but keeping them down over time is harder. Volvo’s Fuel Advice service makes good drivers even better and a personal coach can help cut consumption figures by up to five per cent. Regular follow-ups and professional guidance makes it stay there. Volvo’s fuel coaches analyse driving techniques and provide tips on which areas to focus on in order to improve driving behaviour and generate sustainable savings. Advice is sent via email on a regular basis, helping customers make the right decisions in real-time.

For driver development, Volvo Trucks offers a comprehensive programme of courses, which comply with the EU directive concerning the further education of professional truck drivers. Attending the training will mean safer drivers, lower fuel costs and a reduction in environmental impact.


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