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No one believes Benjamin Franklin was writing about lightweight pallets when he wrote this quote – but he could have been! Who knows – if he was alive today he may have even come up with an equally prudent saying that mentioned the needless expenses incurred by companies that send their product via air freight on heavy wooden pallets? We like to think so.

When was the last time you physically lifted a wooden pallet?

“I was with an air freight forwarder recently and we had a discussion about how heavy one of his wooden pallets was” stated David Rose, sales director of Pallite®. “I mentioned that ours are typically between 5kg and 7kg – they only vary depending on how strong you need it to be and if it needs runners under the feet”. The freight forwarder suggested his wooden pallet was only about 10 to 12kg so the weight saving wasn’t really worth the transfer of product or recommendation to his customer.

“He was shocked when he lifted it and then weighed it himself. It was double his estimate”.

Most of the time we forklift or pump truck pallets so forget how much they weigh. Freight forwarders or even their customers don’t consider changing the pallet and potentially save themselves around 20kg of needless weight.

You wouldn’t put a dog in the dishwasher, would you?

Of course not. Why? Well other than the fact it’s cruel (if it’s turned on!) it also means you lose efficiency by losing valuable space. After all, you still need the same amount of energy to wash fewer plates and the same amount of detergent to clean what’s in there – but you’re not being effective with your load.

The same applies to those who could be saving a lot of money by changing their pallet – from wood to a Pallite®. Why use a 23kg wooden pallet and get charged for all that weight when you could use a lighter pallet that’s just as fit for purpose?

Made from paper and glue, it’s ISPM15 exempt and can be sent anywhere in the world without the need for heat treatment or stamps.

Sea Cargo can benefit too A Pallite® isn’t only great for saving weight. It’s useful for sea freight too. Rose highlights three main reasons:

1) It’s available in sizes you need to maximise the footprint of the shipping container

2) Mould doesn’t like our paper pallet – unlike a lot of wooden pallets, so mould spread reduces saving stock and lost product 3) We can produce a pallet with a low profiled foot which is a great space saver, meaning our customers can get more product in the container

These and many other reasons make Pallite® a very popular choice for those businesses looking to save a bit of money.


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