Renovotec, the UK’s fastest growing rugged hardware provider for warehousing and distribution, manufacturing and retail companies, has chosen IMHX 2016 (stand 10K47) for the public launch of its unique ‘Brexit’ rugged hardware rental scheme designed for companies wanting to delay capital expenditure at a time of financial uncertainty. To mark the IMHX launch the company is offering a Honeywell stateof- the-art handheld hybrid device at £20 rental per month, and providing a free RFID-entry, clean and secure device storage cabinet with every 25 units rented.

Renovotec---EDA50-offer-Brexit-at-IMHXThe Honeywell ScanPal™EDA50 enterprise hybrid device on offer at IMHX at £20 rental per month has been designed for mobile workers needing to view, capture and send business information in real time across the business. The EDA50 is an ergonomic and rugged handheld device that offers a modern touchscreen, a mobile frontlineready Android™ operating system and processor, robust storage and advanced data capture.

Launching publicly at IMHX 2016, Renovotec’s ‘Brexit’ rugged rentals scheme covers a full range of marketleading handheld and mobile scanning and industrial printing products, and includes the option to continue renting or buy any rented rugged hardware product at a later date, when up to six months’ rental charges are then deducted from the final purchase price. All Renovotec rentals include full, ongoing product support and maintenance.

Visit Renovotec at IMHX 2016 in hall 10 on stand 10K47.

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