Spaciotempo has been providing temporary buildings to businesses across the UK for over 40 years.


Part of the international GL Events Group, the company has UK offices in Staffordshire, Belfast and Motherwell, offering genuine UK-wide coverage.

Thanks to the fact we have our own manufacturing plant, in Northern France, and our own dedicated operations teams, we can genuinely say we design, manufacture and install our own temporary buildings for any application or market sector.

The strength of our experienced team means we can offer anything from a 5m x 5m storage box to a bespoke multi-span structure including turnkey features and project management.

WLN – As a leading supplier in the Temporary Buildings category, what has the last year been like for your business? How about for the rest of your sector?

2015 has been very busy and we have seen unprecedented growth in customer demand.

We have completed several very large projects and seen increased demand for smaller and more bespoke structures such as temporary car showrooms and maintenance buildings for rail companies. Confidence in the UK economy, along with factors such as increased car sales, has driven growth in the temporary buildings market and business is certainly buoyant.

Spaciotempo has benefited more than most as we can supply a wide range of products and offer a full project management service.

WLN – What are your best-known products and services?

Spaciotempo has built its business on installing small to medium-sized storage structures. But increasingly we have designed and installed buildings of all sizes and complexity and now offer bespoke projects with a full turnkey solution.

It’s this collaborative approach that customers look for when they come to Spaciotempo – developing solutions and working together in the long term as their business needs change.

Our customers know they can rely on us for a quality structure, be it a high-spec bespoke structure or a small storage area.

WLN – What makes you the first choice supplier in your field?

Spaciotempo does what it says on the tin. Others make claims about manufacturing their own stock or having a nationwide presence, but our customers know Spaciotempo is the real deal.

Our products are manufactured in France and installed by our own experts. No installations are sub-contracted, which means everyone our customers deal with – from start to finish – is an experienced member of the Spacio team. We think that makes a big difference.

We provide genuine nationwide coverage, including the whole of Ireland, so we can always offer a site visit before following up with an operations visit and site scan – providing peace of mind that the installation will go to plan and buildings will be fit for purpose.

All our structures are calculated to Eurocodes for wind and snow resistance which surpass British Standards. And our small lateral bracing system is always very popular as it creates a clear and open span.


WLN – What changes have you made to your core offering in the last year?

The biggest change to our core offering has probably been the increase in our turnkey packages.

Our customers want to know we can provide the whole package – whether it is specialist flooring, office space, canteens, mezzanine decks or squash courts.

This inclusive approach has won us some great new business in 2015.

WLN – What new products and services have you introduced?

Across the board, we’ve increased our options for project customisation based on the needs of our customers, including specialist flooring and low-energy lighting.

We can provide racking to enhance storage capabilities and can now provide project management and ground works on complex jobs.

WLN – What industries are your customers in?

A large proportion of our customers operate in the manufacturing, transport & logistics and automotive sectors.

We also work in oil and gas, utilities, plant hire and regularly work with construction firms and architects.

Our temporary car showrooms, supermarkets and garden centres are popular with the retail industry and our sports halls and gyms appeal to the sports, leisure and education sectors.

Spaciotempo-LogoCMYKWLN – How do your products and services help customers become more efficient, greener or work safer?

Our structures have a great impact on the increased efficiency of our customers’ business – many of them are paying for costly off-site storage because they don’t have enough space on site.

They are also juggling the cost of extra personnel, security, plant equipment and double handling which are all part and parcel of an off-site solution. By bringing storage back on site, the business can operate far more efficiently.

The flexibility of our structures, compared with permanent structures, also creates greater efficiency.

Many customers use our structures as a permanent solution until they need to change the configuration of their onsite storage – then we can redesign a new solution to optimise storage efficiency and keep pace with business demands.

WLN – Can you tell us about some of your customers and the work you do for them?

When a customer has a problem to solve, Spaciotempo really comes into its own – from designing and installing a bespoke solution to managing an installation on a small or unusual-shaped site where access is tight.

Accident repair specialist Grover Arc had a site in Surrey with tricky access and limited space. We designed a 127.5m² storage structure which had a 7.5m span reducing to 5m and 11m in length reducing to 9m all on a 4m eave. This shows just how flexible we can be.

Early in 2015, we also worked with the Port of Felixstowe to provide a bespoke solution to assist with food safety testing at the docks. We installed a 25m x 25m building reached via five retractable tunnels.

Food could be unloaded at the dockside straight from the container into the tunnel and taken, via a protective environment, into the testing area.

WLN – Is there a recent or current project that stands out as a showcase for your company? Can you tell us about it?

Marston’s Brewery has worked with Spaciotempo since 2009 and we have installed a number of structures at their Burton on Trent site.

They wanted to increase storage due to fresh demand in the home beer market and we installed four new warehouses, adding a total of 10,200m² of storage – room for 15,000 pallets or 14 million bottles of beer!

The walling and doors of the warehouses were designed in a bespoke colour to comply with planning conditions and we worked closely with Marston’s throughout. The project is a good showcase for Spaciotempo. It highlights our ability to deliver quality large-scale storage for semipermanent applications and also our approach to working with customers.

We evolve our product to meet changing business needs and deliver quality products and service, leading to customer loyalty and repeat business for the long term.


WLN – What were your company’s biggest achievements in the last 12 months?

It has been a year of spectacular progress and excellent achievement for Spaciotempo.

The company invested £2.3million in hire fleet alone during 2015 and will have doubled operational resource by the end of the year.

We also achieved ISO 9001 certification this year – something we are very proud of – and are now ready to tackle ISO 14001.

Overall, it has been a great period for us and we are optimistic of an equally bright future.

WLN – Are you currently investing in the business, taking on staff or going into new markets or countries? If so, how’s it going?

In 2015 Spaciotempo has invested in the business and expanded its team to keep pace with customer demand. This will continue into 2016 and beyond.

We have expanded our sales department to provide ‘boots on the ground’ in Scotland and Ireland and will continue to strengthen our sales and business development teams.

2016 will see increased operational capacity to deliver on our commitment to “Spaciotempo-only” installation.

In terms of new markets, it is certainly something we are looking at, so watch this space!

WLN – What are you doing to bring on new talent and raise skills levels in your company?

We aim to attract the best talent in all areas of the business and employ individuals who share a common commitment to quality.

We provide mentoring for staff and regular training sessions for members of the sales and operations teams.

We nurture ability and ambition and look to facilitate additional training as part of our personal development programme.

WLN – What are the major issues facing the Temporary Buildings category as we go forward? How is your company addressing them?

The tightening of environmental standards is an increasing challenge for the Temporary Buildings industry.

Spaciotempo is committed to becoming a greener company. We are working towards ISO 14001 and are increasing the thermal capabilities of our roofs and walling.

Overall, we are innovating our product to meet tighter standards and increase performance.

WLN – Will you be exhibiting at any major trade shows in the coming year?

You can see Spaciotempo at Facilities Management Ireland (RDS Dublin, March 8- 9) and IMHX (NEC, September 13-16).

WLN – What other big news from Spaciotempo can our readers look forward to reading in Warehouse & Logistics News in 2016?

One of our highlights for the early part of 2016 will be the installation of 13,000m² of workshops and storage for a major UK film studio.

We are also planning several other major projects into 2016, and it looks set to be another very busy year.

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