Sovex has secured a deal with major international retailer TK Maxx to supply further bespoke parcel-handling machines at sites across Europe.


In total, the Merseyside-based firm has supplied made to measure vehicle loaders at five TK Maxx sites and has been tasked with manufacturing and installing a further three in Poland and the UK.

Sovex is one of the UK’s fastest-growing companies specialising in the design, manufacture, installation and maintenance of vehicle loaders and conveyor systems, largely for the post and parcel market.

Founder and Executive Chairman David Lindfield said the latest order for TL3 conveyors will help meet TK Maxx’s niche requirement of handling tote box-style crates as well as smaller parcel profiles.

“This vehicle loader was specifically designed for TK Maxx. It incorporates many of the options available for our TL3 range” he said. “The three machines due to be installed this year include two in the UK and one in Poland. This deal will enhance our reputation for delivering bespoke solutions and collaborative approach with customers. It further signals our strong ambition to drive Sovex’s market share across Europe.

The Sovex Solution

“The TL3 is an extremely adaptable telescopic boom conveyor. It has three extendable sections, complete with a 7.5m main casing, a 15m extension and a 600mm-wide belt. Some have fixed operator platforms on the front boom and others have collapsible operator platforms. For the Walsall site we were asked to ensure that each conveyor had a nine-metre main casing and a 17m extendable length to allow for even greater flexibility when loading delivery vehicles.


Key Benefits

“Key benefits of this machine include operator platforms mounted at the front of the boom which can accommodate two people. They enable the operator to load and unload trailers up to three metres high. The slewing also allows the conveyor to be pivoted away from the door to create floor space to allow access for forklift trucks.

Ultimately, our machinery will help TK Maxx drive greater operational efficiency, in turn saving time and money.”

Sovex will also provide service and maintenance contracts in Wroclaw, Walsall, Stoke and Wakefield.

Mr Lindfield said the firm is now developing a significant footprint across Europe backed by an expanding global network with sales offices in the Netherlands and distributors in Italy, France, Poland, Denmark and Portugal.

Sovex recently launched a division in the United States targeting the booming multibillion dollar e-commerce and parcel- handling markets. Meanwhile in the Far East, exports are being driven by a manufacturing operation in Kluang, Malaysia, which opened in 2013 and currently employs more than 70 people.

Mr Lindfield said Sovex has a core offering of around 30 products including the award-winning Bendy Boom telescopic conveyor designed to make lorry loading and unloading quicker, easier and safer. It is already proving popular with a number of other high-profile customers including German firm Deutsche Post DHL, the world’s largest courier company.

Mr Lindfield said the firm’s engineering expertise, customer service and constant drive for innovation is key to Sovex’s international success.

“Many of our products are created as a direct result of working in collaboration with customers,” he said. “This not only shows the flexible offering that we provide, but ensures that our customers’ parcelhandling is made as simple and as efficient as possible.


“Our capacity is also a key selling point. We can deliver high volume orders to short time frames, with ultra-fast maintenance response times. In the UK we have a nationwide team of more than 30 engineers offering 24/7 service, with response time between one to four hours.”

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