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Since relaunching the brand earlier this year TCM has been outlining and building its vision for the forklift truck business and here explains why a dealer-led strategy has some key advantages for forklift truck customers.

DSC_0221Already it has received a very positive response. Sales are well ahead of target as customers respond to the trusted, reliable brand which is backed by a national customer service system delivered through a network of TCM dealers.

TCM is a strong global force, part of a major manufacturing business that has roots reaching back over half a century. It provides a 3 year warranty for its European designed and built forklift range, with products to meet every task.

But crucially it believes it gives customers more, based on an exclusively dealer-led offer which builds on this global strength then adds a local and personalised dimension, supported by a UK and Europe-based infrastructure.

As autonomous businesses, TCM dealers offer something extra and unique. Essentially a best of both – a flexible approach to doing business, backed by the considerable corporate strengths of a global forklift truck manufacturer, with world-class product development, engineering technology, plus extensive training and technical capabilities. It’s the ‘local dealer plus a global leader’ combination that makes a strikingly different offer.

Dealer flexibility means customers are working with people and products that they are familiar with and can receive a more tailored deal, sometimes packaged with other products or services, such as finance, which the dealer can factor in to an offer to provide better overall value.

TCM believes it’s a ‘business your way’ offer to customers.

It’s fair to say that TCM is not a new brand or product. Clearly it is the outcome of a reorganisation and rationalisation in 2011 that led to the relaunch of TCM in 2015.

The market will remember TCM as a strong brand with a heritage that stretches back over 40 years, to the earliest forklifts produced in Japan. However, TCM is now a European designed and built product. A thoroughbred European design, constructed in Spain and Sweden, supported by a European infrastructure headquartered in Sweden with a large UK company presence based in Thame.

Now, refreshed in a sleek, silver livery TCM forklifts are enjoying an impressive first year, with orders well ahead of plan and its dealer network reporting significant double-digit growth which has boosted confidence in both the brand and the business model.


“It supports the TCM decision to have deliberately modelled the business around an exclusively dealer based offer,” explained Graham Jones, TCM’s Dealership Director.

“With total UK coverage TCM have developed new ways to knit dealers closer together with some innovative reciprocal arrangements which means customers can experience a seamless service across the UK. Although our dealers are all independent businesses we have developed a sales and support procedure that allows dealers to share and support each other to deliver a consistent customer experience”.

Jones believes that dealers offer something unique because they are independent businesses. “Essentially they can offer a best of both – a flexible independent approach to doing business but with the support and back-up of a major organisation to give customers the reassurance of a large and experienced manufacturer with all the know-how and resources that it affords”.

The dealer flexibility means that customers can receive a more tailored proposal, sometimes bundled with other products or services which the dealer has access to and can factor into the deal. They can offer a more attractive finance offer, or simply an overall more competitive package. As independent businesses, dealers can make their own choices and decisions and offer a level of flexibility that often is outside the corporate boundaries of big organisations who simply cannot be as inventive. It means that customers get a more tailored service and experience ensuring that they get exactly what they need and often from a single source provider.


The TCM product line-up also fits well with this approach and route to market. Dealers and customers are looking for value and TCM products fit a profile of mid-market value without the clutter of unnecessary product features that most customers simply don’t need.

“Our forklift range has everything you need and expect in a well-spec’d truck, it is very safe and comfortable to drive and operators respond positively to its ergonomics and driver features. But we have not rammed it full of gadgets or complex features that most operations simply do not need. Instead we offer a truck that is a truly reliable, solidly built workhorse that will offer years of dependable service and is backed by a 3 year warranty”.

Constructed using a common components platform means that spares and maintenance are more straightforward and economical and 90% of repairs fixed on the first call.

“We are very focused on developing the brand as a trusted European built product, supported by the strength and experience of a global manufacturer and with a very local flavour to the way we do business through our dealers who have the local insight and experience to give customers a personalised service based on understanding the customer’s business and building robust and dependable relationships.

It’s a model where customers will clearly benefit from knowing that they are working with people and products that they are familiar with, but with the advantage that we have the capability and capacity at corporate level to provide additional support where necessary”.

Dealers are able to tap into the considerable corporate strengths of a leading international forklift truck manufacturer with all the cutting-edge product development, technology, world-class facilities in training and technical capability, the ‘local dealer plus global leader’ combination really does provide a formidable offer.

Add to that is a product mix of counterbalance trucks with a choice of capacity of engine type, plus a complete warehouse products line-up. The TCM range of European built heavy duty counterbalance trucks also comes with the advantage of a 3 year warranty cover which reinforces the trust and confidence they have in the engineering quality and reliability of the product range.

TCM’s FD & FGE 3.5-5.0 counterbalanced range is a particularly successful heavy duty, high precision workhorse that drives quietly and kindly with imperceptibly low vibration. With some additional impressive technical and operating features that puts them clearly among the front-runners for safety and performance.

Advanced ergonomics and driver control features contribute to a very high specification of operational and personal health and safety. Its ultra-low vibration “floating” cab is balanced on a 4-point shock absorber system that enhances driver comfort, reducing shocks, vibrations and noise.

As well as an efficient diesel option, a LPG clean technology engine is designed for maximum efficiency and low emissions – an impressive touch-of-a-button ECO mode delivers up to 18% extra fuel savings.

These tough-duty forklifts are ideal for loads between 1.5 and 3.2 kg, with an additional and equally comfortable heavy-duty model which is designed for operations where load requirements are between 3.5 and 5.0 kg.

All the forklifts are modular built with TCM’s unique shared components platform limiting components variety and giving a fix over 95% fix on first visit of all breakdowns.

All backed by the global force of TCM and exclusively marketed by its independent dealers which are able to serve all sectors of the market with tailored, flexible offers and a support infrastructure that delivers the confidence and reassurance that customers seek.

Tel: 01844 219265


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