The loading dock area is particularly hazardous and forklift drivers are exceptionally vulnerable. The only sure way to prevent early departure or trailer ‘creep’ is to restrain the vehicle.

Most loading docks have some form of system in place. This may be simply taking the drivers keys away, using aeroplane style wheel chocks, or hydraulic systems that make pulling away difficult. HSE advises that vehicles must not be able to move during the (un)loading process, which requires a full mechanical locking system.

As the majority of accidents in the loading dock area are caused by lack of cooperation and communication, Caljan Rite-Hite fully endorses this recommendation; You either restrain the vehicle or you don’t. Halfway measures are an invitation to disaster.

The Caljan Rite-Hite ‘Wheel Lok’ is a surface-mounted restraint that effectively stops the vehicle from moving in all weather conditions. As the vehicle approaches, the trailer’s wheels activate a high-strength steel locking arm. This automatically positions itself based on the size of the tyre and rises to the optimum locking position. Once the trailer is in place, the dock attendant activates the lock. A bright LED on the outside of the building lights red.  On the inside of the building, a corresponding green LED tells the forklift driver that it is safe to enter the trailer. Two wheel guides ensure accurate, on-centre trailer positioning which not only helps guarantee a tight, efficient dock seal, but can also help extend the life of the seal, bumpers and building wall.

With this simple yet effective design, virtually all trailers can be restrained with the same device. Connecting the door control panel to the system further increases safety levels, as this prevents the dock door from being opened until the vehicle is fully locked into place.

The Caljan Rite-Hite ‘Wheel Lok’ has been in the market for 14 years and has become a proven safety necessity for some of the biggest names in the Supply Chain & Logistics industry.

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