The Storage Equipment Manufacturer Association (SEMA) has launched a new group for distributor members, the SEMA Distributor Group (SDG).

Members of the SDG will be known as SEMA Distributor Companies (SDCs) and are entitled to display the SDC logo on promotional materials and vehicles.

The group already comprises more than twenty members some of whom were previously SHEDA members. Over many years, SHEDA enjoyed increasingly strong links with SEMA and both associations recognised the benefits of unity. SHEDA has now ceased to be a formal entity.

SEMA Distributor Companies will supply products that are recognised as fit for purpose and all works will be carried out by installers that can be individually certified through SEIRS. These two strengths combine to supply storage and handling solutions which can meet all legislative requirements and provide clients with confidence and value for money.

So when looking for a distributor, an end user can turn to independent companies that are members of the SDG and know that they are dealing with reputable organisations.

SEMA Distributor Companies are fully committed to best practice in Health & Safety, installing original equipment, the SEIRS training programme and the SDG Member Charter.

SDG members benefit from SEMA brand status and have a voice on SEMA Council, committees and working groups including SEIRS.

The SEMA Distributor Group has laid out rigorous criteria for membership. An SDC business must have been formally constituted as a legal company for at least two years. It must hold a main distributorship from a recognised manufacturer of storage equipment and an appropriate health and safety policy must be in place.

There is an undertaking to conform to SEMA Codes of Practice, standards and safety initiatives including SEIRS where the SDC also undertakes installation work. Where installation is carried out as part of the company’s activities there must be at least one SEIRS Supervisor on board. Permanent Installation staff must hold full SEIRS ID Cards.

Critically, SDG members must conform to a random audit. A SEMA-appointed auditor will study a recent completion and review all documentation including quotation, design, submission, installer details, methods and sign off.

SDCs may only use the SEMA Distributor Company logo in association with new, original equipment supplied. They must demonstrate DQAS Compliance (the SEMA Distributor Quality Assurance Scheme).

Other SEMA Distributor Company benefits and entitlements include a certificate to mark their admission qualification, an SDC listing on the SEMA website,, and generous discounts on SEMA and SEIRS training events, conferences and publications such as SEMA Codes of Practice.
Cost of annual membership for 2011/12 is £1400p.a.

John Halliday, President of SEMA, said;  ‘For over 40 years, SEMA has acted as a lead body for our industry driving safety through design and installer training. Today’s announcement strengthens the relationship between well designed storage solutions from SEMA manufacturers and the SEMA distributor companies who supply and install them. This gives clients the ability to identify storage solutions that will meet their demands and enable them to operate their storage activities with total confidence.’

David Camm, Chairman of the SEMA Distributor Group, said: ‘We have more than twenty SDC members nationwide already fully approved and we anticipate that many more companies will see real value in applying for SEMA’s Distributor Group status. However, our joining criteria are strict and commitment to a random audit will be a deterrent to some. There will be continuity as practically every single former member of SHEDA has chosen to opt for a SEMA Distributor Group membership.’

For further info on how to become an SEMA Distributor Company or to source a local SDC, visit or call 0121 601 6350.

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