The idea of multiple carrier parcel shipping through one interface has been around for a few years, with a number of software companies integrating with carriers then going to the market and charging on a per parcel despatched basis purely for the software. Parcelhub was designed to be different, in that the software is completely free and revenue is generated by Parcelhub owning the contracts for clients’ shipments. Alternatively a client can still use Parcelhub to make use of the better rates Parcelhub offers, yet also engage alternative software to generate carrier labels and manage the best cost routing process.

Gordon Parry, Managing Director of Garden XL, explains: “We were looking for further delivery and return options in order that we could offer our clients services designed to give even better value in outbound and inbound parcel movements. Having spent many months integrating with carrier management software, we could not afford to start again, but still wanted to make use of some of Parcelhub’s service options.”

Parcelhub were able to co-ordinate the integration of their own service offering with the carrier management software supplier, and now Garden XL makes use of two of Parcelhub’s services, namely their Hermes’ 48 hour delivery service and their Collect + specialist returns service. Garden XL continue to use a number of their own negotiated carrier contracts, but now have the added benefit of making use of two of Parcelhub’s as well.

Mr. Parry added: “With some 2,000 products on offer via our website, ranging in size and value from a pair of Welly socks to large 6 burner gas barbecues, our requirements really do include every option in the carrier market, from Royal Mail Tracked to palletised delivery and even 2-man drop offs. Add free delivery to the UK mainland, and you can see I have to cover all delivery options at a sensible rate. Parcelhub allows me greater flexibility and freedom, without managing all the contracts ourselves. The fact that I can make use of their services without having to install further software is a great bonus.”

“It was an unusual request at first,” explained Mark Rosenberg Managing Director of Parcelhub Ltd. “A potential client impressed with our service offering and looking forward to take advantage of beneficial rates and a number of our carrier options, but they didn’t want to make use of every service we offered, as they were happy with some of their own suppliers and pricing. Nor did they need our free software! I guess that is a great example of the flexibility we can bring to client companies”

Garden XL continues to trade with Parcelhub Ltd, and is reviewing further additional services in anticipation of a considerable increase in orders from November through the Christmas period.

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