A Dorset door and window company has seen its sales increase by a third thanks to Quartix online vehicle tracking.

Doors of Dorset, which has three vans equipped with Quartix tracking units, has also seen its mileage and fuel consumption drop dramatically.

Company director Graham Bird said: “Vehicle mileage has dropped on average by 100 miles a week, with obvious fuel savings, while sales and productivity have increased.

“Our figures show the same workforce and vehicles have increased average monthly sales from £4,000 to £6,000.

“Savings made using the Quartix system have meant I’ve been able to hold prices to my customers. Indeed, throughout this 12-month period there have been no price increases and instead of sub-contracting overflow work we have kept it in house.”

Mr Bird said the online telematics system had turned his business around during a difficult financial climate. After just 12 months the results had been “astonishing.”

He added: “Work allocation has completely changed and the ability to know where each vehicle is in real-time means allocation can be done fairly and efficiently, not only to produce fuel savings but also to provide an improved service for customers.

“Staff morale has improved as everyone is being allocated work fairly and productivity is equal across all employed.

“Moreover, every day it is amazing to see the increased control we have over the vehicles as a result of installing the system.

“We run a responsive door and window repair company and the Quartix product has certainly worked for us.”

Founded in 2001, Quartix has grown to become one of the UK’s most successful vehicle tracking service providers.

Today, more than 3000 customers across a wide range of sectors – including hauliers, logistics companies, government organisations, housing associations, construction, hospital trusts, the emergency services, SMEs and large British brands – use its online, real-time service.

Highly flexible, the Quartix system provides users with a fast, efficient, ‘point-and-click’ source of real-time information, together with tailored e-mail reports. Moreover, it has scope to meet the needs of large corporations and owner-managed businesses alike.

Quartix’s unique tracking unit, with its patented communications protocol, is installed in more than 40,000 vehicles across the UK.

Based at Poole, Doors of Dorset carries out 24-hour door and window repair/replacement services throughout the county.


Andy Kirk, sales and marketing director

Tel: 0870 013 6663

Email andy.kirk@quartix.net

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