C Butt, one of the largest privately owned logistics companies in the UK, has teamed up with Labcraft in order to improve the working environment within their fleet of curtain sided trailers. C Butt supports some of the leading UK multi-national retail and manufacturing brands therefore efficiency and reliability is of the upmost importance.

Following a light test carried out by Labcraft at C Butt’s premises, C Butt are looking to fit their curtain sided trailers for their group networks with the Labcraft LED ‘Omega’. They will be fitting twenty vehicles, with six lights in each, to demonstrate how the increased lighting will benefit them. LED lighting has no replacement bulb costs and uses between 50% and 80% less energy than incandescent bulbs.  This will also help C Butt in working towards reducing the CO2 emissions within their fleet thereby providing a better, greener and more environmentally friendly working environment.

The Labcraft ‘Omega’ has been chosen for it’s unique design which allows it to be recessed into the roof strut, or to one side, quickly and easily. By using the latest in high efficiency LED technology the Omega uses very little power so the benefits of illuminating the interior of vehicle are second to none.

Richard Mander of Labcraft commented, “We were thrilled at the chance to demonstrate to C Butt the advantages of fitting lighting in a curtain sided trailer and at the same time providing a safer and greener working environment, all of which can be achieved at an affordable price”.

C Butt Group Fleet Engineer Kevin King states, “We are working with Labcraft on this project and are delighted with the product made available to us. Labcraft have exceeded our expectations and have supplied a solution that not only increases the light available to us against the equivalent bulb type but also allows us to reduce our carbon footprint with the use of up to 80% less energy. With no bulb replacement this is the ideal cost effective solution with increased efficiency.”

Labcraft design and manufacture all LED products in the UK and only use CREE LED’s, ensuring that the quality and performance are uncompromised. Labcraft provide lighting solutions for all types of commercial vehicles by working closely with the HSE, Labcraft aim to provide lighting solutions which exceed the minimum health and safety recommendations. All of this in turn helps keep harmful waste out of the atmosphere leading to a cleaner world.

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