Technological Systems Ltd, a design innovation company, recently featured on The Discovery Channel’s “Daily Planet” science programme, has been granted a Europe-wide patent on its clip-on Roll Cage Protection Device, with world-wide patents still pending.

The device was developed in response to significant product loss and damage to property and personnel, suffered by a major UK supermarket from the point stock is loaded into Roll Cages, through transportation, to being unloaded in the supermarket aisles. Loose goods can easily fall as the cages are moved around.

The device works on the same principle as a roller blind, but the similarities end there. It is designed to clip onto a variety of cage types and sizes and is engineered to lock easily onto and be taken off the cages in just five seconds. The protective sheet is then pulled down and hooked under the base of the cage. A built in thumb operated ratchet tightens up the sheet, preventing goods from falling out in transit.

In addition to securing goods in either two or three sided Roll Cages, the device eliminates damage to cages caused by the existing method of pulling the sides of the cage in by a ratchet strap, which damages welds at the bottom of the cages.

The patent also includes further embodiments intended to improve existing Roll Cage design, which could reduce road freight by up to a 1/3rd and comply with current Health & Safety Executive recommendations for safer Roll Cage design. Managing Director, Stephen Weston, explains; “The patent also covers a version built into a lid, which would allow cages to be stacked. The HSE has already called for shorter cages to be used, to improve both visibility and reduce Manual Handling injuries. Our lidded version, combined with a shorter cage, will allow cages to be stacked in trucks, utilising currently wasted space above existing cages. Future generations of Roll Cages could be easier and safer to handle and be significantly cheaper to transport, whilst reducing fuel costs and CO2 emissions by up to 1/3rd.”

Discussions have already taken place with major supermarkets, which have shown great interest in the prototypes. One supermarket also identified a lucrative advertising opportunity, with each device offering up to 1M sq of prime point-of-sale advertising space, whilst in the supermarket aisles. Stephen Weston comments; “Advertisers are looking for opportunities to promote product in supermarkets. The cages are often seen in supermarket aisles, piled up with goods, which looks untidy and can be a hazard. Our device can eliminate the hazard and replace the untidy look with an eye-catching advertisement; the revenue from which can pay for the device’s implementation. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!”

With prototyping ongoing, it is anticipated the Roll Cage Protection Device will be available late summer.

Technological Systems Ltd

Stephen Weston, Md

Tel: 0161 705 2211


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