Southampton headquartered Meachers Global Logistics; one of the UK’s leading independent providers of logistics services, announced that it has gained Full Certification as an Authorised Economic Operator (AEO), under Certificate number GB AEOF 00054/10.  Full accreditation covers both Customs Simplification and the Safety and Security standards. This success follows an intensive period of inspection and audit by the HM Revenue and Customs AEO team.

This EU wide accreditation will prove increasingly beneficial to Meachers Global Logistics and its customers as regulations tighten, not only at EU level, but Internationally. The Company hosted an educational seminar entitled AEO – What It Means To You on Tuesday 12th April at the Chilworth Manor Hotel.

HM Revenue and Customs operates three levels of accreditation: Customs Simplification, Security and the two combined, Customs Simplification and Security Certification.

AEO is a voluntary compliance and security standard and is similar to the US Customs and Trade Partnership Against Terror (CT-PAT) that was introduced in the USA following the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Similar standards are being introduced across the world and include such countries as Canada, China and India and many more. The list is still growing. AEO helps to enhance supply chain security by granting recognition to those audited organisations meeting the highest compliance standards in all aspects of their operations, and by encouraging continual best practice.

Commenting on the success, Stuart Terris, Deputy Managing Director, said: “We believe customers may not fully understand the importance of AEO or the impact it is likely to have on their businesses. We anticipate that increasingly tenders are likely to stipulate AEO as a requirement and that it is likely to become an industry standard. Our AEO seminar will provide customers that import and export outside the EU with a practical understanding of how AEO will impact on their business.”

Meachers Global Logistics

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