Health and Safety Laws have meant that waste segregation has become more common in the workplace. The use of wheelie bins has assisted many businesses with their waste problems due to their mobile and lightweight design or where space is paramount. Many companies have found that once the wheelie bin was ready to be emptied they had a problem with transporting and tipping the bin.

Invictas forklift wheelie bin lifter is simple to use but also very effective.The wheelie bin is picked up via the handles on the lid. A wire cord is then placed around the wheel which is attached to a winch on the truck cab. Once the winch is in operation the bottom side of the wheelie bin is pivoted upwards which allows the lid to open thus discharging the contents of the skip. Suitable for small wheelie bins up to 240 litre, Invicta Forks & Attachments are also a manufacturer of bespoke attachments. If you have any specialist requirements then please call a member of our dedicated sales team.

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