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We hope you’re all grabbing the chance to have a break during the summer months and recharge your batteries before the leaves start falling and things cool down for autumn. Here at W&LN it’s business as usual, with all our regular sections and scheduled features in this issue on Conveying & Sortation, The Loading Bay and Batteries. Conveying & Sortation covers Automated materials handling equipment and IT solutions; The Loading Bay includes doors, dock levelers and dock lifts; and the Batteries Report includes batteries, battery charging and changing systems.

In the chilly business wind of the last couple of years, other sectors such as property have pretty much frozen at times, but the warehouse and logistics sector has kept going throughout, largely thanks to continuing demand from the retail sector, which has been turning in consistently strong performances every month.

The recent CBI figures showing continuing retail sales growth certainly justify the major supermarkets’ commitment to continued investment in warehousing and logistics infrastructures over the last few years.

The big retailers are famous for being tough customers to the grocery suppliers, but in the warehouse and logistics space, suppliers and retailers are more equal partners. It’s good news for the materials handling equipment suppliers and distributors and third party logistics providers, and the ‘W&L’ sector generally. Long may it continue!

As A level results time comes round again, spare a thought for this year’s school leavers anxiously waiting to find out their grades. The 2010 A-level results are due to be announced on Thursday, August 19, around the time you’re reading this.

As happens every year, a number of A level students will be disappointed with their grades and have to change their plans. Being denied the chance to go to University is sad for the individuals concerned, but good news for businesses in the W&L sector, which is always looking for bright, keen young people to mould into tomorrow’s managers. Anyone who feels strongly about not being able to go to college now for whatever reason can always go back later as a mature student if they so wish. Meanwhile, academia’s loss is industry’s gain.

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