pa-reportingQuick and easy to read reports detailing the performance of transport operations – such as costs per drop and trailer utilisation – are offered by transport optimisation specialist Paragon Software Systems. The automatic reporting features of Paragon’s logistics software eliminate time consuming data extraction and report creation, enabling transport operators to access important information quickly. Armed with this information they can streamline operations, boosting efficiency and save money.

Paragon’s routing, scheduling and transport optimisation software has an easy to use reporting function, giving users complete visibility of their fleet operations. The information is readily available via a central SQL database and gives an instant picture of costs per drop, miles per case, delivery time per case, average utilisation time per trailer, average miles per drop and average drops per vehicle. Using these reports, managers can quickly and easily review daily, weekly and monthly performance.

Enhanced reporting is available using Paragon’s real-time fleet management software, Fleet Controller. Managers can use Fleet Controller reporting to view and compare actual against planned activities. Using this real world information, they are able to refine and improve their transport operation based on actual events. Paragon is currently developing ETA functionality for sharing via the web. With this development the software will provide on screen planned and actual ETAs that update automatically throughout the delivery day, visible to transport managers and their customers alike.

“The built in reporting features and functions of Paragon products allow companies to gain easy access to business critical data and give users the ability to produce a wide range of management reports within seconds. Data is readily configurable and can be customised to provide tailored reports using Crystal Reports developed by Business Objects, the software industry’s leading reporting tool,” says Phil Ingham, Paragon’s Support Director.

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