octalift-1An innovative new pack from SCA Retail & Food, part of the heavy duty Industrial Division, has been instrumental in helping a major UK cereal manufacturer in improving operational efficiencies and saving money.

The Octalift pack, which features an octagonal sleeve with a unique base design that allows for mechanical handling and includes a gravity fed discharge aperture, is capable of holding nearly 500kg of product, is stackable, and re-usable. The pack is made from SCA’s ‘Duaboard Heavy’ material, a corrugated fibreboard that comprises high performance 440gsm Wet Strength Kraft liners semi-chemical ‘A’ flutes. The pack was designed at the Industrial Division’s Design Centre in Hinckley and demonstrates the Centres ability in creating innovative yet functional pack solutions that ticks all of the client’s boxes.

Chris Ettle, Retail & Food Market Manager for SCA Industrial explains “Cereal is manufactured in a constant process, if a packing line break down occurs, then production has to be transferred in to bulk packs. Traditionally this has tended to be by way of FIBC or ‘Tay-bags’, but these pose a number of issues including a health & safety risk due to a potential for contamination when decanting; damage by forklifts when being moved, leading to product spillage and waste; and under utilised space in storage and transit as the bags tend not to stack safely. Moreover, even if the filled bags do sit square, as a number of the different cereal types tend to be pressure sensitive, the stacking of bags leads to product damage and waste regardless; all of these issues have been successfully addressed by the introduction of our Octalift pack into the client’s operation and in addition to these benefits a 13% cost saving has also been achieved” Chris concluded.

As mentioned earlier, due to the Octalift packs capability for stacking in storage and transit and that it can be re-used many times, Octalift is also suitable for inter company transfer, WIP and stock holding.

Apart from the obvious benefits to the UK cereal sector, the pack is also ideal for use with any dry flowable product.

To discuss further how SCA’s Retail & Food solutions could benefit your business, please contact Chris Ettle on 01455 251400 or email chris.ettle@sca.com

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