beecraft3Beecraft, the Wembley-based plastic storage system manufacturer and supplier, offers a range of special pallet systems for business use. Established in the early 1980s, it is one of the leading companies in the field of plastic pallets and serves the market with the highest quality pallets and services. Among its specialised storage and logistics solutions are a new selection of expanding pallets and pallet cradles for handling film reels and other goods.

Beecraft’s expanding pallets have been developed for storing loads of different size and volume on the same pallet. They have adjustable and changeable load-bearing parts.

Beecraft’s expanding pallets and cradles are ergonomic and safe, made of highly durable, non-toxic materials. Their firm and solid construction ensures they provide reliable storage for valuable products. Liquid resistant and reusable, they can be washed and sterilised after each use, and are fully recyclable. Beecraft’s expanding pallets and pallet cradles are fully certified and standard-approved, and environmentally friendly. These benefits add up to a cost effective investment all round.

Beecraft’s adjustable pallet design incorporates three bars, which permit the opening of the two halves of the pallet in order to receive and transport film reels of variable length from 500mm to 1300mm using a fork lift, as well as handling of other goods.

Beecraft’s adjustable pallets are the result of extensive research into new packaging solutions for film reels. Thanks to their versatility the pallets can be used to collect and stack reels of various lengths and materials, guaranteeing flexibility and integrity during stocking and transportation, saving costs and space and ensuring maximum efficiency of loading.

The pallets can also be used for transporting end plates and covers. The shape of the pallet legs permits the handling of packaging on packing lines and the precise positioning of pallets on warehouse shelves.

Beecraft’s pallets can also be supplied with a flat surface, ie no milled edges on the 800mm sides. In this configuration they can be used for handling other types of goods besides film reels.

Dimensions when closed 800mm x 970 x H 150/170

Dimensions when opened 800mm x 1490 x H 150/170

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