_3818The CSN840 Pallet™ is the first fully approved dimensioning, weighing and identification solution that can measure pallets of all shapes and surfaces. Based on input from key customers, METTLER TOLEDO is relaunching this product with even more features than before for optimal performance and revenue recovery.

The underlying motivation for having the weight and dimensions of pallets you send is correct invoicing. The CSN840 Pallet™ is a compete data capture unit that automatically collects dimensions, weight and ID of almost any pallet. The system picks up discrepancies between the actual size of a shipment and the dimensions provided by customers. All features of this product are designed with the aim of maximizing the potential for revenue recovery.

Working closely with key partners, METTLER TOLEDO is pleased to announce new features that will provide customers with even better value.

Extra Large Measuring Capabilities

METTLER TOLEDO now offers an XL version of the CSN840 Pallet™ with the possibility to measure pallets up to 2500 x 2500 x 2600 mm (L x W x H). The standard version measures up to 1830 x 1830 x 2600 mm (L x W x H).

Image Capture

As part of the embedded OCTO™ application software, the new image capture feature takes a picture of each pallet measured. Images are stored in a searchable database.

This feature gives both the transport company and their customers peace of mind when it comes to damage claims and audits.


Taring is a function that separates the load from the pallet. This means that transport companies can capture the exact dimensions from the cargo that their customers want to ship.

Remote Access

Your CSN840 Pallet™ can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Remote monitoring capabilities mean you can view the status of your system wherever you are. This also gives the opportunity for remote diagnostics and health monitoring. If there is a problem with your machine, METTLER TOLEDO can potentially fix it without ever stepping foot on your site.

Listening to Customers

Andreas Wilmers, Global Sales and Marketing Manager at Mettler-Toledo Cargoscan says “Companies know they can trust the results our CSN840 Pallet™ provides. We are glad to have this confidence in our solutions and we listen carefully to our customers when it comes to further improvements. As a result we are re-launching the CSN840 Pallet™. Improved performance and new features will lead to an increased revenue recovery rate, greater flexibility and better customer confidence.”

Tested by Market Leading Transport Company

TNT tested the CSN840 Pallet™ and its new features during a pilot in the UK. Introducing the XL specification gave TNT the ability they needed to capture data on shipments up to 2.5 metres. The image capture software assisted TNT in their customer communication process by providing images of the items measured.

“The pilot of the enhanced CSN840 with image capture and extra large measuring capabilities has been a complete success” says David Baines, General Manager, Network Operations Development at TNT UK Ltd., “As a result we have decided to invest in four such devices to be positioned in our Kingsbury and Northampton road hubs and at our air gateway at East Midlands Airport”

The CSN840 Pallet™ can be ordered through METTLER TOLEDO sales offices and distributors around the world.

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