EffiMat®, Denmark’s leading warehouse automation provider, is launching its ground-breaking EffiMat® Intelligent Box Mover technology in the UK this summer in conjunction with its exclusive UK distributor, RARUK Automation Ltd, the automation and picking robot specialist.

A new product based on new patented technology, the Effimat® order picking system enables needsbased presentation of boxes, reducing picking cycles to a minimum. The EffiMat® system sets new standards for picking speed, picking accuracy and flexible integration with end users’ existing materials handling systems.

The Intelligent Box Mover technology allows EffiMat® to operate both vertically and horizontally so the order picking system can pick up to five different standard boxes at the same time from different positions in vertical shelving systems and deliver them all to the picking station on the same tray.

Rather than having to pick each item one by one and wait for each one to be delivered before entering the next code. The EffiMat® system can present up to 200 boxes of different products per hour, making it at least three times more efficient than any traditional Vertical Lift Module. It offers 100% picking accuracy and, thanks to its compact storage, reduces order picking footprints by up to 75% compared to manual shelving. EffiMat also provides ideal ergonomic working conditions and reduces manual processing, making employees more effective and creating more inspiring working environments where staff can be upskilled to other tasks.

EffiMat® can be used as a standalone solution, or integrated as a standard element for individually designed solutions. The unit’s modular compatibility enables integration between one or more EffiMat® systems and warehouses’ existing conveyors and robots, allowing flexible solutions in smart production environments.

EffiMat® can be integrated with most ERP systems and placed close to production lines. This makes Effimat® suitable for both goods in and goods out, as well as storage and complex assembly lines, where the production buffer functions as an intermediate warehouse in the production, minimising the time used on transport and the manual processes prior to the actual production. This also means it’s not necessary to use an external warehouse and the remaining production space can be used much more efficiently.

EffiMat®’s research shows their large manufacturing customers deploy as much as 40% of their labour on internal logistics. Manual processes where components are being moved around, re-packed and primed for the next part of the process are costly and demanding on space. In addition, manual processes mean increased risk of errors.

Today’s lean production processes are about optimising internal logistics and material handling, reducing waste in processes and minimising production errors. EffiMat® provides the answer, delivering an effective automated production buffer as part of ‘lean’ working operations. Several German vehicle manufacturers have chosen to integrate EffiMat® in their production after successful pilot projects which demonstrated that Effimat® has enabled these businesses to eliminate picking errors, save space, remove work stations and increase productivity without having to hire more employees.

RARUK Automation, EffiMat®’s UK distributor are the sister company to engineering components company R A Rodriguez. RARUK Automation’s UK team are experts in customising order picking systems and ensuring small parts storage systems meet Individual requirements. Jim Abraham, the EffiMat® product manager at RARUK Automation, told Warehouse & Logistics News:

“We’re very excited to be teaming up with EffiMat®. This is the next chapter in the RARUK Automation story and opens the door for UK warehouses and other industrial operations wanting to automate part or all of their order picking operations.

“Industries that have utilised the unique benefits of the EffiMat® system include Automotive, Pharmaceutical, Distribution and even aircraft maintenance operations at airports. It will be the leading companies in the UK involved in these industries that will benefit the most from the partnership between RARUK Automation and EffiMat®.

“EffiMat® means more people can enjoy the benefits of ‘Lean’ production,” says Jim. “Lean working doesn’t necessarily mean having a fully automated operation with robots everywhere, nor does it have to cost a fortune. With EffiMat® solutions it’s a matter of making operational processes as simple and effective as possible.

“As EffiMat®’s UK distributor we will gladly support customers with our experience in storage technology and innovative logistics solutions, in order to develop the ideal solution covering all their demands and requirements. A further plus, the systems we install will be fully supported by EffiMat®’s European service network.”


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