Klimate High Speed Doors proved the fast solution for a major supermarket’s distribution centre based in Yorkshire.

BID Group were awarded the order for their Klimate doors from the retailer in mid-November on the understanding that all work would be completed prior to Christmas, the distribution centres busiest time of year.

Sales Manager Eamonn Irwin explains “The existing doors are Spiral doors however due to very expensive repair costs and poor reliability the decision was made to look at an alternative solution.

BID Group provided a proposal to dismantle two of the doors and replace with a roller shutter door for security and a Klimate High Speed Door to suit the site requirements and the environment the doors operated in. The key features of the Klimate door is the speed the doors open and close. Not only do the doors provide valuable energy savings by maintaining room temperature, but also reduces contamination and the ingress of vermin. The working environment is also improved by controlling the flow of traffic and the reduction to noise levels.

Klimate High speed doors are tailor-made to clients’ requirements and can be used in conjunction with conveyors and zoned areas. They can be manufactured from stainless steel and oversize doors are available.