United Pallet Network has announced that its Central Hub Operation will be relocating from spring 2020. In line with the company’s growth projections and operational development strategy UPN will be relocating to more modern and expansive facilities that are very close to its current operation.

UPN has identified alternative premises on Fradley Park, which means a very short move for its operation and as a result minimal disruption for both UPN staff and members.

The new location has been acquired on a long term lease commencing in January 2020. This relocation confirms UPN’s commitment to growth over the next decade and beyond.

Prior to the move over £2 million is being invested to expand and further develop the new facility to ensure that it fully meets the specific needs and requirements of the specialised UPN operation both currently and in the future.

“The UPN Board of Directors are extremely excited about this move and the significant potential for growth and expansion that it will bring for both us and our network,” said David Brown – UPN Managing Director, “This move and level of investment will allow us to continue to be recognised as a high quality, member focussed UK pallet network.”

“The move will increase our capacity for further business growth and our new facility will provide us with an operational throughput of over 11,500 pallets per night.”

The specific date of the move will be defined at a later stage once the planned works have been completed. The intention is to be fully operational from the new Central Hub facility during May 2020.