Space might feel like the final frontier, but freeing up warehouse storage space is still a daily challenge for all businesses so you’re definitely not alone!

Whilst many big-named brands might have the luxury of huge storage facilities with automated systems, many small to medium sized businesses need to constantly juggle their stock and warehouse operations, which can be time consuming and costly.

In our experience, warehouses tend to be divided into a number of main areas; goods in, stock storage, packaging storage, packing areas and goods out. These areas may vary in size, but in essence they’re all operating in the same way and people are trying to do their best to get it right.

Make a fresh start in 2019 with a modern, waste free packing area Packing areas, where orders are fulfilled and made ready for despatch, don’t necessarily take up too much space in the warehouse. However, the way they operate can have a knock-on effect to the rest of the warehouse, leading to inefficiencies, wasted space and higher costs.

Having worked in hundreds of warehouses over the years, we know that an optimised packing area will have high efficiency, minimum waste and use minimum space. It can take time to completely update a packing area, but the new year is the perfect time to consider how to reach your goals.

5 Quick ways to free up warehouse space, save time and save money

Use low-volume, in-the-box packaging – Large bags of polystyrene chips or rolls of bubble wrap take up considerable amounts of shelf space. A more environmentally friendly option is paper. A single euro pallet of 100% recycled paper converts to around 40 cubic metres of packaging! This is a huge amount of packaging which only takes up a few feet of storage space.

Combine packaging supplies and packaging systems – It sounds obvious, but we often see packers having to walk to the other side of the warehouse to retrieve packing accessories. An all-in-one packing station, such as the Easypack® Packstation™, puts everything needed for packing at your fingertips, including automated packing systems, packaging supplies and all accessories.

Use compact packaging systems – Small packing systems are very powerful, produce high volumes of packaging and they can be placed at any point of use for fast, on-demand packing. The Easypack® range of compact systems not only take up a fraction of the space compared to larger machines, they also use rolls of 100% recycled, 100% recyclable and 100% biodegradable paper which can be stored with the machine. This speeds up packing times, increases output and of course, frees up valuable warehouse shelf space.

Convert excess cardboard boxes into packaging – We often see hundreds of cardboard boxes from goods-in piled up in warehouses waiting for collection. Our Easypack® Shredder™ will rapidly convert cardboard boxes into a strong packaging medium, thereby giving you free packaging and lots more space.

Ask for help – Sometimes it’s hard to see the wood for the trees, particularly when you’re so busy trying to keep up with demand. Pregis are not only here to supply you with innovative solutions, we’re here to help businesses, just like yours, to work more efficiently. Our experts can show you how to create more space, how to pack more efficiently, how to use less actual packaging and, importantly, how to save money. We all need a little help sometimes and we are always happy to pass on our knowledge to help make your job a little easier.

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