Neopost Shipping is introducing its Automated Packaging Solution (APS) to the UK. The CVP-500 replaces 8-16 packers by ‘autoboxing’ multiple or single items at speeds of up to 450 packages per hour. It also avoids the need for void fill and reduces volume during transport.

The CVP-500 measures, constructs, tapes, weighs and labels each parcel in one seamless process. Optimising all steps of package fulfilment, it creates a fit-to-size box for single- or multi-item orders of variable dimension. This offers an automated answer to handling increasing packing volumes for ecommerce operations challenged by labour shortages. It is also an ideal solution for 3pls, wholesalers and any company with any high volume packaging. In such operations it is not unusual for businesses to have 25-40 sizes of shipping box, which can occupy a significant amount of warehouse space.

By building the optimum size parcel around the order items using its corrugated packaging as a sustainable and more protective alternative to plastic bags, the CVP- 500 reduces box size by 50%. This minimises shipping costs and the carbon footprint throughout the fulfilment process.

Labour costs can be minimised also, with the machine replacing between 8 to 16 packaging stations while also ensuring throughput – even through peaks. The unit gives users a competitive edge by increasing productivity, with custom boxes being configured every 7-seconds.

These benefits produce a quick return on investment of 1-2 years for a typical application.