Due to a rise in e-commerce retailers, online shopping, and companies continually looking to offer unrivaled delivery options, customers’ expectations and logistics operations are at an all time high. Inevitably, this increases the use of industrial doors as businesses work around the clock to provide customers with the very best service.

However, this puts strain on industrial doors, so leading door manufacturer Hörmann UK is encouraging firms to ensure their doors receive regular maintenance checks, and make the most of Hörmann UK’s 24-hour service call out. Thanks to state-of-the-art technology and years of industry experience, servicing with Hörmann UK has never been easier.

There are a number of reasons why companies should prioritise servicing industrial doors, and health and safety sits at the top of this list. It is vital that business owners consider the impact of potential litigation should any accidents happen. The concern over health and safety issues should be drive enough for companies to want to book a maintenance check for their industrial doors and give themselves peace of mind.

Those thinking that servicing is a time consuming activity will be pleased to discover that the process is quick thanks to innovative technology. At Hörmann UK, technology has become a big part of the way the maintenance and repair team operate. Service engineers are all equipped with a tablet computer that is used to instantly update service records following site visits.

This gives the team remote access to the customer database and means they can spend more time on site looking after customers’ equipment. Hörmann UK customers can also relax knowing that they can make use of the 24 hour call-out service and fast response times. With years of experience, the maintenance and repair team understand that it is crucial that malfunctioning doors are up and running again as soon as possible, especially for frozen and chilled operations.

Commenting on the importance of servicing industrial doors, Phillip Clark, industrial service manager at Hörmann UK, said: “With the rapid growth of e-commerce, and a rise in customer expectations, logistics companies are under more pressure than ever before to become more streamlined. At Hörmann UK, we tend to see an impact following wider trends, so we’ve had to adapt our products and service offerings following the rise of online retail.

Loading bays are expected to handle such a high level of usage that I cannot stress how important it is to make sure industrial doors are serviced regularly. Not only will this resolve potential faults before they arise and cause a disruption to operations, it’ll optimise the performance of all doors by keeping them in top condition.

“Businesses in the UK are definitely starting to see the value of regular maintenance and inspection, but we want to reiterate that servicing should be a necessity not an option. Plus, with our 24-hour service there’s no reason for businesses to become unstuck.”

Hörmann UK’s commitment to providing maintenance options for customers is apparent through the manufacturer’s continual investment in the service department, from an increase in the appointment of engineers and service managers, to training programmes offered to encourage young people to join this branch of the industry. Hörmann UK also directs revenue into training programmes for trade partners, end users and maintenance teams, to ensure that installed Hörmann UK equipment is maintained correctly and in line with its frequency of use.

In addition to this, Hörmann UK informs clients of the importance of preventive maintenance at the point of purchase, to reduce costly repairs and protect the end user against potentially damaging and high litigation costs.


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